Deteriorated sheathing at main exterior feed

Does anyone know if there is a way to repair an exterior SE cable with deteriorated sheathing? A UL listed wrap, tape, or similar? I did find this

. Or does it just always need replaced or conduit? TIA.

IMO it needs to be replaced because small fissures in the jacket will allow water to enter the cable and then enter the meter enclosure, the panel or both. Conduit is not needed unless the location requires a conduit.

I always go with replace. Wrapping it doesn’t really solve theproblem, more of a bandaid. That 100A SE cable is quite inexpensive as is.

I’m just asking if anyone knows of a UL listed tape, wrap, or other means of repair for this situation. My opinion is always to replace too, I was just curious.

Personally, if properly applied, I would have zero problem using what you posted.



The 2234 is rated for use with SE cable so as a focused answer to you question, yes it can be done.

As a side answer I still say no way. The stuff is pretty expensive for a temporary fix too.

I have only ever seen one SE cable tape wrapped and it was with standard “Jap Wrap” 3M 2700 electrical tape. I wrote it up as “an attempted repair to be evaluated by a licensed electrical contractor” but the FHA guy flagged it for complete replacement.

I have used it in industrial applications in the past but only as a temporary repair and tagged it as “temporary repair, to be replaced” In my area city building inspectors would flag it as would OSHA if they saw it, though I am not sure how the NEC defines it.