The Home Inspection Industry moved a step closer to having it’s own trade union today as more meetings were held between the Board of Governors of the Conference of Commercial and Independent Home inspectors and the [FONT=Times New Roman]GCC/IBT Local 100m of Teamsters Canada which are affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters . These discussions were held in Oshawa and continued the process of developing a special catagoty of organizaton suited especailly to the unique requirements of the Home Inspection Industry.[/FONT]

**Further meetings will be held in Toronto next week and later in the month in Montreal. **

The Conference of Commercail and Independent Home Inspectors is not yet ready to accept memberships. However, all the interested inspectors who have requested membership applications ( cards ) and have made themselves known through our Email address will receive their cards as soon as the systems to accept them have been put in place.

All Inspectors interested in information about the C.C.I.H.I. or who wish to request membership applications ( cards ) are asked to send an Email to ;

**If you wish to communicate with our Union Representative please contact; **
**Brendan Kelly
**Director of Organizing GCC/IBT Local100m

Don’t know how Unions work in Canada, but I would be concerned about requesting and filling out/submitting the “cards”. Unions in the US have been playing games the last couple of years (in particular) and trying to ram through a law that allows a “signed card” to replace an actual vote!!! Be afraid, be very afraid!!! (And yes, I have been a member of 2 unions). Ask every question you can think of. And, once answered, see it in writing or don’t believe it!!!

Do your due diligence… research, research, research! Unions love uninformed members!

And by the way, (a positive and negative all in one)… the “Teamsters” are one of the strongest Unions in the world. Once in, do you really think you’re gonna have any real say in things???

JMHO… form your own opinion, just make it an educated one.

Thanks jeffrey.
Not applicatble to canada.

No problemo… just trying to offer info to help keep our Northern Brothers & Sisters from getting screwed!

So George,

What was decided at this last meeting?

isn’t really telling us anything.

Any word on how much this is going to cost, what the requirements are going to be, or which groups of inspectors they are not going to be accepting?

Tom, send us an Email at;
and I will make sure that you get the news letter as soon as it is available.

I find it quite amusing that people who support this idea seem to think that someone discussing the issue involved, is the same as insulting the person making them…

At no point have I made any personal attacks to anyone regarding this issue, and yet I have been personally insulted and called names over this issue…

But that’s fine, it just gives the best indication of what a union made up of these people will be like.

And George, feel free to make as many new threads as you wish, each time you bring it up, I will ask the same questions, until you either start answering them, or stop posting about it.

Whatever makes you happy Tom.

I’m happy George…how about you!!!

Hi bill

hey bill!!!

John, thanks for filling me in on the phone the other day, and George, hope this all turns well for you and all my Canadian Friends.

Take care and good luck in your endeavors. :):smiley: