Some important news

I have been asked to post the following important announcement on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Conference of Commercial and Independent Home Inspectors;

“We are pleased, at this important juncture in the history of the Home Inspection Industry in Ontario and Canada, to be able to bring to you some very important news. We think you will be pleased.

Since the advent of the inspection industry in Ontario, there have been numerous Home Inspection Associations invented by interested and dedicated Inspectors. Each of these associations has had it’ own vision of where the industry should be going. At times the relations between them have been fractious; with home grown associations pitted against each other and those that arrived from off shore and all associations, seemingly intent on dividing Ontario inspectors into competing camps. This unfortunate circumstance has not been getting better, and the battles continue.

But those days are done.

On behalf of all inspectors, regardless of their membership, regardless of which association they belong to, this Board of Directors has been in negotiations to build new alliances, bring order to chaos and unity to division. The rumours you have all heard are for the most part true. Talks are underway with the Canadian offices of the International Teamster’s Union to establish a ‘Conference’ for all Ontario Home Inspectors. We expect that we will be able to bring the finished product to you very shortly and it will be worth the wait.

Members will, for the first time be able to join a union dedicated to the advancement and protection of Home Inspectors. They will all be able to be members of a single ‘Conference’ regardless of their other associations. Inspectors will have a positive, supportive home team behind them, while being free to be members of whatever other association they choose. And for the first time we will have an organization, recognized by the government that is large enough to represent our interests to other organizations with numbers that will ensure that we are heard. We will never be alone again.

Members will have access to health care insurance, accident insurance, legal council, reduced insurance rates, education that really educates, paid lobbyists to make our voices heard, national and regional promotions, and more. But perhaps most importantly we will finally have recognition as a professional vocation by our own government. It is an historic milestone for us all; well deserved and fought for.

We sincerely believe that with the support of Home Inspectors from across the province, united under the banner of the ‘Conference of Commercial and Independent Home Inspectors’, we can move forward with our industry, put the past behind us and grow the kind of industry of which we can all be proud.”

I’ll be there.