Device under house on copper line?

What is this device on copper plumbing line under house in Calif?

Water filter cartridge.

Beat me to it Bill. :wink:

Not hard when you can see the model # huh!:slight_smile:

What a waste of $… great locale too, I’m sure it’ll get changed :smiley:

I took this photo from far away, didn’t want to crawl that far. I doubted it was a water filter because of it’s inaccessibility. Thanks.

Present owner “oh, we have a water filter”.

Fill in your location so we know where you are from for future questions. Go to your Control Panel for that.

Also, we found the information using your picture and goggling the information on it. FYI;)

It is NOT a filter. It is a scale inhibition cartridge. As the water flows through the top of the T, a small amount of polyphosphate scale inhibitor is pulled into the flow of water. They are used prior to water heaters to help lower scale build up. Water is not filtered in any way.

Yes Steve, that is what it said on the link I found for it.

The Aqua Pure AP431 replacement cartridge has a scale inhibition system. It removes scaling from harming water equipments and pipes for the AP430SS filter

Thanks guys never saw one before .
Thoughts on how they compare to a water softener .

Thanks Roy

Except what you wrote said…

It is not a FILTER of any type. :wink:

I just read the title on the link. :wink:

It’s smaller than a water softener