Did they intend to do this?

Da foundation has bean we paired!

Not quite…they forgot to add the 50 cans of expandable spray foam.

Was there a bank vault the other side of that wall? :slight_smile:

Looks like they added a porch to an older home. If so, what’s wrong with that?

:mrgreen: Tricks of the “Cover Up” trade

This was an exterior wall, with no additions in that area. Im unsure if the wall actually collapsed, or they broke it down to get stuff in or out. There was an oil fired furnace, maybe they removed an old tank. (the way the house condition was it wouldn’t surprise me)

Worse case senerio, the ancient septic tank was not far from there, and it was backed up into the yard, right next to the house. Might have provided some long term bacteria and hydrostatic pressure Ewww.