Did you ever build it like this?

2x6 rafters sitting on top of these built up beams supported by a couple of 2x, what do you call it?

What does the ridge beam look like?

There is no ridge beam, just a ridge board, nothing out of ordinary about it.

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I don’t remember. But we did that sometimes to match an existing eave line on an old scabbed together house.

Plus, it gave more room for insulation.

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Thanks Larry, the entire roof was like that, I believe it’s original construction.

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Could you show us the exterior sidewalls?

It appears they did it in lieu of a strongback.

I was thinking they did it to get a wider soffit.

I wouldn’t think there would be much added strength in that location, Simon.

That would be the case if the beam was on top of the exterior wall’s top plate. The beam is off set and inside the attic space, so the only thing it’s doing is giving rafters extra support.

Why not? It’s reducing the unsupported span, no?

By a foot or two…hardly a help…IMHO.

G’night, my friend.

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Yes, it’s only a couple of feet :man_shrugging: Good night :sleeping:

Maybe the length from ridge board to top plate was too long for the selected rafter by code. Builder decides to build support down there at the bottom to comply with the code.

That should be caught in plan review before permit is issued, Adam.

But, as we all know, mistakes are made.