Did you know that I invented the Tour de France?

Almost 50 years ago.

Me and my friend each had Fisher Price Big Wheels. We were about 5 years old. I said to him “Hey Bobby… let’s pedal as fast as we can and see who wins”

Well you better tell WIKI.

who won ?

Ever since Colorado legalized the wacky stuff Nick has been posting some really bizarre stuff on here. Just saying.

Are you kidding? He has always been a little wacky! :shock::mrgreen:

Besides. People all across the country smoke it. Colorado just taxes the legal retail sales. Almost $5mil](http://www.9news.com/story/money/business/2014/07/11/colorado-marijuana-tax-revenue/12525979/) per month and climbing.

I don’t partake, but I am very proud that my state of Colorado asserted its right to govern itself and disregard the federal government which has no jurisdiction over the states.

Exactly! :smiley:

And gaining 14 million in taxes in the first month doesn’t hurt them ether

Dare to stand out.

I created the internet.

It’s how my generation rolled…

Yep. We were all Evil Knievel… the father of ramp jumpin’.