Difference between PVC and

Well supply line is of PVC-1. Is there any difference between this and PVC? I know CPVC is “acceptable” for potable water, but how about PVC-1?


PVC-1 is a movie

I assume the 1 is for 1 inch.

PVC is fine for cold water applications though I have not seen it used for well supply line.

A photo might be helpful

1 inch

Here ya go.


Da, makes sense. I guess that was pretty stupid.

Still I have never seen/heard of PVC being acceptable for drinking water?

Just asking what the clean out is for, 1st look I thought it was part of a drain

I noticed that too.

It looks like amateur work to me. JMHO

The boiler drain is upside down.

The transitions fitting from PVC to the bronze/brass (check?) do not look like fittings rated for that purpose. They have a seal and or are PVC on one end and metal on the other.

The spring loaded check is in the right place, but it effectively lowers the pipe size to 3/4. The check valve should be full port on a well pump line. If I’m not mistaken it looks like schedule 40 (DWV) which is not approved around here (I could be wrong).