digital citizen roof cert 9/13

Anyone have a digital form they can share?

go to their website or if you cannot find it send me a REGULAR email and I’ll find the link and send it to you when I get back to the office. I think this is the most recent. I am not 100% sure but I bet it would work.

You’re welcome.

No, that isn’t the latest…and whoever did it has no clue what they are doing. It is an insult to me that I actually had to view it. I hope it isn’t an example of your “work”! :slight_smile:

dang I just found it and posted it but I am going to look right now ans see whats wrong. Mine is fancy and has a cover sheet. What was wrong with it? I am looking now

I just looked at it did not try to use.l So I can learn what was wrong with it besides not being current. I originally told op to send me an email and I would send the link to the current stuff as that is in on the office computer but under quick review I did not see anything wrong with that one and “think” it came from theses forums some time ago but not sure.

Ell I just checked properties and it said jfreiberg. I thought maybe you had done it and was just pulling my leg?

I just saved yours though to make me a new Meeker version :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Yep, that was done with acrobat form wizard on a 2011 form. It worked at the time even though there was no provision for photos.

Eric, you really changed your form around from the original…looks good. I usually put in more than 2 photos for a roof cert though.

Why more than they ask for?

I am curious as how that can help your client or do you work for the insurance companies?

Some insurance companies hire their own folks to do this kind of stuff and I believe that would be the best way for them to protect their investments.

Here you are


Most of the roofs I do won’t fit on two photos. If you don’t get the whole thing, the carriers think you are trying to hide something. Mike, you may want to try to do more than the minimum sometime.

I have never had a problem with 1 roof cert. “NOT EVER ONE” I too also include more photos sometimes when I feel the whole roof is not shown but I was just curious why you do and how it benefits your client. Most of the time in insurance inspections it hurts them.

I have submitted 2 photos as the form requires that sometimes do not show the whole roof** AND NEVER HAD AN ISSUE**.

Guess what…

You cannot tell dip s h i t about a roof from a couple of wide angle shots unless the damage is so apparent they could see it from google maps.

I am sick and tired or inspectors who now claim to be professionals not DEMANDING to be treated as such.

No other profession goes above and beyond to prove what they say and next to none show photographic proof that never really proves c r a p. Just my 2 cents.

I changed it because the original is sort of a “helter skelter” design, as most Citizens forms are, and when you try to make an active pdf, you end up having to use different fonts and text sizes, which is annoying to me. A good friend of mine is in printing, he is now the vice president of marketing for a printing company, but, back in the day, he helped me design my first flyer and gave me a bunch of information about what makes for an appealing presentation.Take the 1802, on page three, I think, the last sentence bleeds over to the top of the next page. On my form, it isn’t like that. In the printing world, that is pretty much a sin.

Mike, you don’t need to do anything to my form. Just use it. Over 1,000 people have already downloaded it. :slight_smile:

Not to agree as for doing the minimum, but, the form asks for two pictures. That is what they get. If they want more, I have them, but have never been asked.

And Mike, if you really want to make good looking, easy to use forms, you have to go to the original document, or, redo it, as I did with the roof form, to get it right. In the long term, it is easier to do instead of having to modify the pdf text boxes, add lines, etc.

I did the same thing with the Citizens four-point form.

This is an example of an unusable form. :slight_smile:

Enter the date in the last box as 12/12/2013.
It doesn’t fit. :slight_smile:

You are correct, I did change that on the form we were using. You have to remember my forms are always being updated. When we see something that may take a few seconds off, we adjust the form. Since we have 8 employees it is difficult to have it like everyone wants. That is why I always recommend taking the time to learn to make your own.

Since some do not have the time or skill to make there own there are several people that will do it for you. You then have the issue that they all want it different, so each form becomes custom and that takes time. Which is exactly why I usually charge.

The final issue is many do not know how to use them. Everyone will not understand that you MUST print to pdf before sending and then there is the whole, "how do I get my signature on the form? questions.

Here is a more up to date form. I just re-did it, so it is “usable” for those that want it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it will inspire someone else to make their own.

I figured you had changed it. :slight_smile:

And, yes, I am all for everyone learning how to do this themselves.
When I give these forms away, I don’t charge because many do not understand, that in some instances, you need one or more other programs to use this type of form. It becomes a teaching class on how to use software, which I just don’t have the time for!

The locking of the document which you mentioned is one of those issues.

For others, after you fill out an active pdf form, you need to lock it. The best way to do this is with a pdf print driver, like docuprint. There are others, but that one seems to work the best. It also has the advantage of being able to resize the document. Most of my wind mits are under 1MB in size and that includes on average, 20 pictures. I don’t need it as I have Adobe Professional, but it is good to have as a backup. There are free print drivers available as well. You must “print to pdf” not “save as pdf”. There is a difference.

Thank you.

Good point. Very important to flatten the active pdf before release. I see editable reports all the time that were submitted. Anybody can change the fields unless flattened with a pdf printer.