New Roof Condition Certification Form

Online here…

Citizens, I beg of you, call me to design your forms!!!


You ROCK. Thanks for posting so quickly!! :slight_smile:

I am currently redesigning the form in Word so I can make the form usable as in its current form, try handwriting anything on this form. Also, I have an executable version done, but everything is in size 8 font!

I would really like to meet the person who designs these forms… :roll: :roll: :roll:

Thanks for posting this!

thanks for posting. Good looking out

Looks like Citizens revised the 4-Point Form also…

…to reflect the changes in the “Roof” section.

Just got lucky…I stumbled on it looking for something else.:slight_smile:

Dear Citizens,
Please contact me for hire to design your future forms.
An example of the redesigned roof certification form is attached.
In the future, if you wish to have pictures, have the common decency to include that page as part of your form.

The attached is a first draft that has been filled out.
I will be releasing a final version for all to use, for free, shortly.

The finished version.
I will have a link posted to my website for the executable version as it is too big to upload here.

Here is the link to the executable form : Citizens roof cert

If anyone has any issues with the form, just let me know and I will correct them.

Fantastic - thank you!

Thanks to you both Michael and Eric. Much appreciated. This 4 point form is going the same way as the 1802 form. Updates faster than you can say “Citizens”…LOL.



Nicely done Eric

Very Nice Thanks Eric.

Thanks, Eric!

You are welcome and that includes those that e mailed and called!
I’ll redesign the 4-point and it will be two pages, when I get back from this weekends trip to Disney.

Tower of Terror run

I have an issue with the term “secondary roof”. In Florida a secondary “water barrier” lays beneath the primary roof system. Since a roof IS a water barrier, a secondary roof would mean a secondary water barrier. The whole problem is with using the term secondary. “Other” or “another” roof is what they are looking for. When the form was updated 9/2013, there was no “user instruction” or “term definitions” provided. The layman who selected the verbiage was ignorant that the term “secondary” was already in use and refered to a secondary water barrier BENEATH a primary roof. My first encounter with this form led me to comment that the existing second layer of asphalt roofing did not qualify as a secondary water barrier. These comment HAD to be placed in the “second roof” box. State Farm failed the inspection based on that comment- even though the 6 photos mad it clear there was only one roof. The customer had a hissy fit. I spoke with State Farm, who admitted the pictures made this clear, relented and passed the inspection. Too late- damage done. That customer cvomplained to her attorney who had referred me.

I don’t really understand what you did but it sounds like you called an underlayment a secondary roof on a cit roof cert form. Is that what you are saying?

You are confusing a secondary roof(ie flat patio roof added to the hip side of a gable roof) with a secondary water barrier(SWR). If you don’t understand the form you should take a class or discuss with another inspector(s).