American Integrity Roof Form ?

Does anyone have a Roof condition certificate form with American Integrity,s logo. PDF form is best for me.
Thanks in advance
PRP Home Inspections

I found this online…not sure if it is what you need.


FYI…the wording on the form looks identical to Citizens’ Roof Condition Certification EXCEPT a Florida Licensed Home Inspector (or NACHI members) is not included as a “qualified inspector”. Hopefully, this won’t cause any problems for you, John.

I agree and can’t imagine they can actually take a form from citizens and actually alter it by removing information from it? Is that even legal?

citizens form # is on the bottom!

They have the right to accept that form form whomever they deem qualified. Doesnt look like they have home inspectors on that list.

Bill I realize that they can choose who they want to accept an inspection from but, do they have the right to take a form and change it the way they obviously have to suit themselves?

Plagiarism is the word you are looking for! :shock:

That is the 2008 citizens form. ( does not include HI )
Citizens form 2011 ( includes HI )
They should take either one, even if it says Citizens on top.
Anyone asking me for a roof cert. gets the Citizens logo on top.
I have not had a problem so far.

The original for was written by Citizens for Citizens. I would think that at do have that right. The only way to change it would to be to challenge it in court.