Dimensional Lumber

Does dimensional lumber require 8D nails to receive C on roof deck attachment or can it be 6D nails as long an there are enough per board?

Form states 2 nails per board. No mention of nail size

What if the dimensional lumber or T&G is fastened with deck staples…what now?

Staples are not a nail.

Wow, so even though determining uplift resistance is the main goal, the form allows 6D…Jeepers…

Got to be a nail…any nail will do as per form.

Nobody ever said the 1802 was perfect…not even close.

It’s not the nail they should be interested in. It’s the uplift resistance. I’m sure there are many reports that do not give credit because inspectors only report to the letter of the form and only look for 8D nails, forgetting that is says ‘OR- any system on screws, nails, adhesives, or other deck fastening system or truss rafter spacing that is shown to have an equivalent or greater resistance than 8D common nails spaced a maximum of 6 inches in the field or has a mean uplift resistance of at least 182 pad’.

It is a compromise. Everybody lost something, and we all deal with it the best we can.

Ohhhh heck another full moon on the way…I agree with John:D

OH WAIT…Not the O.I.R. they do not give a crap.