Direct Mailings

Business is really slow for me and I am trying to think of new ways to get the phone to ring. I have been hitting the agents offices every day, passing out brochures and business cards. I was thinking about mailing some sort of advertisement out to houses I see for sale on the streets and in the magazines. If they are selling they are buying somewhere right? Has anyone done this and could you give me some ideas on what to say and how to go about it? Should I mail brochures or some sort of post card? All ideas are appreciated.

It works in some areas and doesn’t work in other areas. I did it five years ago and got absolutely zero responses. People here really do depend on their Realtors, and they don’t use the same Realtor to sell their house and then to buy another one. Realtors hate it, but that’s just the way it is here.

Hopefully some others will chime in to help you.

I have contemplated direct mailings to do 1 year warranty inspections. I believe this to be a good under tapped market here in Phoenix. I think mailings to realtors is a waste of money.

I have had good success with direct marketing to Realtors at open houses.

When I was slow two years ago, I went from house to house (who had “FOR SALE” signs displayed out front) and delivered personalized door hanger bags containing a formal letter, a personalized coupon offering a $25.00 discount on their new home inspection, a personalized pen and personalized post-its.

I delivered approximately 300 in a two week span. What did I get in return?

NADA…Not a single call. Big waste of time and money for me. Never again.

A direct mail campaign for any business will work…given the proper planning and the right expectations.

First, you have to have a strategically designed letter that, in the five seconds it is scanned by the reader, will tell them who you are-how to call-and why to call. This letter must be targetted to your market (you would not send the same letter to a RE salesman, FSBO seller, and potential buyer…etc).

Second, you have to have a target market readily identified, quantified, and have the current addresses for them.

Third, from marketing agencies in you area, you need to learn the buying cycles for this market. Instead of reinventing the wheel, find out from them when - during the year - folks are responding to their junk mail.

After calculating all of this, expect (in a one-time cold mailing) a 2% response rate. 2000 letters will get you 20 phone calls.

Direct mail is normally used to supplement other marketing activities, due to its relatively low yield. As a part of a total marketing plan that encompasses a variety of other means of contacting your target market, it does help your potential client know your name the next time he sees some other aspect of your marketing efforts.

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I’m trying almost the same thing, I just recieved an MLS list of homes for sale in the middle and upper price range in my area, along with the time they have been listed. I’m going to select a couple of hundred that have been listed for a while, but not the longest, and I’m going to mail out my brochures and a letter about the slowing market and the benefit of a Pre-Sale or Listing Home Inspection, along with a coupon for $50 off their Home Inspection when they purchase their new home, if they hire me to do a listing inspection.

I’m waiting for my new list of Realtors from the Realtors Association also, there are nearly 500 less realtors in the area than last year, all the ones who don’t want to work went away it seems

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