Discharge connection

I need you help on the drain termination from the water conditioning system to a trap?

Sorry about the blurry pic. The line is from the conditioning system (has the spray bottle on top)

If it is a problem, why?

Normal I see go to a floor drain with an air gap.

I did not the stains at the wall of the masonry.


219512 055 (Small).JPG

219512 055 (Small).JPG

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The connection should not be sealed. There should be an air gap (or at least an air break) between the discharge line and the vertical drain line.

The problems are (1) if that drain backs up, waste water can be forced into the filtration/treatment system and (2) without a gap, the discharge line can siphon waste water back into the filtration/treatment system.

A “break” will eliminate the potential for #1, while a “gap” eliminates both potentials.

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Pretty easy to fix with a standpipe air gap

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