Disconnect...defect or not?

What say you?

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I say yes due to NEC 110.26(A), but I’ve heard some opinions to the contrary. If someone were to trouble shoot a problem with those units one of the first things that they would do is to make sure there is voltage at the disconnect. That means that they would be examined or testing while energized. That would make 110.26(A) applicable and therefore the disco’s would require the proper working clearances.

Robert you are superman!

Not really but thanks for the compliment. After almost 25 years of electrical work and working with the NEC it’s finally starting to sink in. :mrgreen:

There are two camps out there. Camp #1 says they don’t work on equipment like this LIVE or Energized and Camp #2 says that we always test equipment LIVE and camp #1 is insane. Honestly, camp # 1 is probably out of business by now so I agree with camp #2.

The arguement has always been this…if something does not need to be serviced , examined and so on while energized does 110.26(A) apply…well the local authority will make that choice but if it needs any checking of the operation while energized then the debate is over…110.26 applies. Also what many people forget also is equipment placement…is there clearance on the access door of the equipment as well?

Things to think about…always

So… what exactly is the problem? That looks like adequate space to me. What’s the limit?

Robert summarized it nicely. Basically, inadequate clear working space. 30 inches is required I believe. Picture a cube about the size of a refrigerator box. You should be able to set a refrigerator box in front of electrical panels (and disconnects). We often fail to realize that disconnects also needs proper working clearance.

I have called this a lot and continue to but I would never suggest to the buyer that it requires correction. It was done wrong approved as is and probably going to stay that way. If they ever replace the A/C unit in front of the cutoffs they can move it.

I say its wrong…but some builders out here get away with it for some reason. My remodel got shot down for this exact installation defect.

May be improper, but I would not personally call it out because it appears that it can be reached safely. I’m not a code inspector.