Disconnect height from ground requirement

What is the minimum height from the ground of a disconnect for the condenser/compressor unit of an HVAC system?

I found one today that was 4 1/2 inches from the ground mounted on the masonry block foundation wall.

Any help is appreciated.


Don’t know of any code issue probally is but common sense would tell me that it should be at an accessible height

No code on that, but I try to keep it at a comfortable kneeling height to work on in the future, which also keeps it up out of all but the worst snowfalls. That’s generally around 30" or so. Four or five inches off grade is just goofy. That makes me think the sparky hung the disco before the final grade was done, and everyone just went along. That’s ripe for getting whacked with lawn maintenance equipment.

This could get exciting if they have a boy dog!!!

I’ve sought out that same answer. I always installed them at a height around 3’ to 3.5’ above grade. I recently wrote up a disconnect that was (at the bottom 2" above grade) I can’t find anything in the IRC. Common sense dictates that you would want it at a height that is above typical snow depths (like Marc said) and is high enough for easy access. I didn’t have a code to guide me so I relied on common sense. I’m surprised some governing body hasn’t addressed this.

I have found one (metal box) right on the soil at ground level. So much so the front cover could not be opened without digging out in front of it. I did not attempt to do so, figuring whomever did that may have done something equally stupid at the connections or it had a good chance of it being wet inside.