Maximum height of disconnect for AC unit

1985 townhome today…photo below…I guess Wilt Chamberlain installed this box…anyone know the maximum height for a disconnect for an AC unit?..6’-6"?

Maxed out I would say. Why is anyone’s guess.

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC) 240.24 (A), location in or on premises require that overcurrent devices be “readily accessible” and shall be installed so that the center of the grip of the operating handle of the disconnecting switch or circuit breaker, when in its highest position, is not more than 2.0 m (6 feet 7 inches) above the floor

Yep, 6’-7"

Hypothetically, if this disconnect is powered by a breaker inside the house that is within the height limits, does the disconnect also need to comply?

What if it is a simple disconnect, and not “an overcurrent device”?

Just curious, in case I run across it some day.

Here’s some applicable NEC code sections. Although the intent does not necessarily fit with exception #2 the actual code wording does as long as the disconnecting means is adjacent to the equipment. If it’s above 6’ 7" then you need to define whether or not it’s still adjacent.

do we really need to quote code on this one. You can’t reach the damn thing. I can’t anyway.

Well. You have to remember that “code geeks” (and yes, I would place you in that fine group Robert…lol…Welcome) like to explain the intent behind the common sense first then let you ponder what is really Common or Uncommon Sense.

Something like that anyway!

When I can I like to include the code reference, for some it may help in understanding more about the NEC and how it’s works and also it can provide some backup to the information that was posted and so that it’s not purely anecdotal. That way it’s not just some stuff a guy said on the Internet. :cool:

And it’s much appreciated. Thank You

Agreed…but your still a Code Geek…Welcome to the Secret Club…Assume the position…and ask for another;)