DISH Network TV Service During TS Isaac?

I am considering switching from Comcast to DISH, but I left DISH several yrs ago due to them losing picture during t’storms.

How did DISH perform in FL the past several days during the TS? I am esp. interested in feedback from folks on the east coast, since the left side hardly got wet.

Comcast never missed a beat.

Had Dish for 12 years here in the Pacific NW. Our heavy rains knocked it out all the time. Switched to DirecTv about 5 years ago. Better HD channels and more of them that you actually watch. Better equipment. (Same receiver for 5 years, went through 5 or 6 with Dish) And I haven’t had any weather knockouts except during our major snow / ice storm this last January for about an hour. Good luck.

I just got a new antenna looks like a black picture frame and hangs on the wall.

When you lose the pay stuff go free.

A bunch of digital channels in most areas.


Mike, what are you talking abt?

If you have newer TV, you will get around 50 channels in digital, for free using an over the air antenna.
I have DTV and it did go out for a few minutes here and there. During Wilma, I ran the TV and Converter box off the inverter and never lost the picture.

What Eric said :slight_smile:

So why even bother switching?
Sounds like Comcast is giving you good service and the internet speed is faster to boot.

Comcast is running on cable underground or on poles so during a huge storm they’ll do better. Dish and DirecTV have to get their signal through the rain clouds which are absorbing the signal. Plus the water is pounding the dish. This has been less of an issue in recent years as technology has gotten better but it’s still not perfect. Of course the poles carrying the Comcast signal can also be knocked down!