Dishwasher install

We have in our kitchen a center island that we would like to place a dish washer, it would be opposite the sink. I would like to run the drain under the floor, bring it up under the sink and attach it to the sink drain, looping the line above the drain connection. The over all distance from the back of the washer to the point where the drain goes up to the drain under the sink is any where from 6 to 8 feet. Will the washer be able to pump the water out to the drain for the distance mentioned? So the drain line from the washer will drop a few inches run under the floor 6 or 8 feet than back up under the sink looped up as far as possible and than back down to the drain. Will the washer drain ok?

Mr. Richards,

I’m sure you already consulted your dishwashers installation manual, so my suggestion is call the manufacturer to see if it is possible with their washer. Right off the bat, I would say that this would not work. I would think that the manufacturer included the maximum distance in the length of the drain line that is included with your washer. How long is the drain line that came with the washer?

I would definitely call the manufacturer for this info as you don’t want to do anything that would void the manufacturers warranty on your washer.

I agree with Dan on calling the manufacturer to see if it’s possible.

I’ve ran one 10 feet before in my own house and it worked like a charm but I didn’t go under the floor and back up.

is there a drain in the crawlspace you could splice to that would be closer(and a more or less vertical drop) ?

Many manufacturers - for example GE - limit the length to 10’ “to the drain”.

I have checked the Installation Instructions and it says a max length of 12 feet can be used for the drain. I think I will be just under the 12 feet length.

Comply with the Manufacturer’s recommendations for this product with regard to the installation.

If you’re at maximum length for the drain PLUS it has to pump back UP to a connection, I think you’re on shaky ground here. As advised, consult with the manufacturer directly, with a very specific description of your proposed installation.

Please keep in mind the part of the pipe under the floor will always have water in it.

Thanks Guys…will contact the manufacture.

I talked to 2 installers and they said it won’t be a problem, they have done this before.

Definately check the specs, but since it isn’t pumping any higher than it normally would, I don’t see a problem.