gas and electric anyone

How do you like this set up?
In a home I inspected today, gas meter and Electrical service panel in a nicely insulated closed in box.

please no leaks or sparks

220 9th S.C 049.JPG

So how will you write it up? Some utilities want 3’ of separation.

Here are the rules in Chicago.

Gas meters shall be located:

  1. In a ventilated and readily accessible area.
  2. At least 3’ from sources of ignition (including electrical circuit
    breaker boxes, meters, and receptacles) or any sources of
    heat that may damage the meter for inside installations.
  3. A minimum of 12” above ground for outside meter installations.
    (See Figure 3 on Page 8.)
  4. Away from obstructions, such as downspouts and windows

According to Sask. Energy The Gas meter and the Electrical Service Panel are to be on opposite sides of the house.


Re: Gas meter location
Three feet from any opening

Centerpoint guidelines for meter locations
• 3’ from fresh air intake or any opening
to building
• 3’ from doors or operating windows
• 3’ from water spigots
• 3’ from any ignition source
• Away from driveway or vehicle traffic
• Avoid locations directly below roof valleys,
water downspouts, decks, stairs, or partial
•• Regulator and relief valve must be located
where gas can escape freely away from any
opening into the building.