Distribution panel wiring

The 1st pic is the main exterior disconnect. The second is a distribution panel in the basement (Wire from breaker feeds pole barn panel). How should this basement panel be wired according to grounding/neutral separation/isolation? The buss bars were bonded with green screw.
My assumption is that the bare wire should go to a bonded grounding bus bar and the bonding screw removed, no?
And what about the poorly terminated neutral wire for the pole barn feed on the left bar? Anyone have some wording for me on that one?

Any help is always appreciated.


Photo #1, looks OK except I don’t see a GEC connection, although it could be connected up stream of the disconnect.

Photo #2, the sub-panel should have the grounded and grounding conductors separated since they’re downstream of the service disconnect. The feeder cable, SER type SE cable is OK.

The pole barn feeder should have an EGC unless this is under a code cycle prior to the 2008 NEC. The extra cable in through the SER cable connector is no good.

The grounded conductor terminated at the left neutral bus should be in the proper terminal. I would also question the additional conductors in with the pole barn feeder but cannot decipher them from the photo.