Do insurance inspections count toward the Certified Master Inspector Designation

Hello everybody! Do insurance inspections count towards the Certified Master Inspectors license.

I do not have your answer, but I know who does. @gromicko

Nick Gromicko

They are not FULL home inspections which is the INTENT of the requirement!
In some areas, such as Florida for example, it would be unfair to the rest of the world to allow candidates to count their 4-point inspections towards the requirement!
Another example… is the general public searching for an Inspector and finding someone that claims the CMI designation, and they don’t actually know crap about inspecting an entire home after paying them the FEE! IMO, that would be FRAUD and I would happily take their ass, and everyone associated with them attaining and awarding the designation, to court!!


Chloe will give you a fraction of a point for them, but only if you’ve done a substantial amount of full home inspections and home inspection CE. She has formulas and parameters for this that she doesn’t publish, so the only way to know it to apply. She doesn’t charge anything for processing a denied application.

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It worked for Meeker several years ago.

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Agreed! If that were the case, I could’ve gotten CMI certified before I even started doing real estate inspections.