Garage Fire Wall

This from the 2nd inspection of the day, in the small town no codes. Gas logs installed in the firewall. Flue pipe touching the fascia at the exterior.

Hmmmmmm! I need to think about this one.

Let’s see, a wood stove is to burn wood so I can stay warm, and the wood burning appliance really gets hot.

But I need it up and supported.

Well, let’s just build a wood platform to hold it up. :mrgreen::wink:


It is gas log stove. The MOLD and wood rot in the crawlspace was the deal killer!!!

Nothing is a deal killer for agents waiting on their commission checks in their mind. But all things are repairable for your client if they have the resources and the information that you gave them to know this installation does not comply with industry standards.

Yea this looks like a harry homeowner type of job but your client has the option of redoing/repairing the issue if they so choose.