Do some ASHI Inspectors pay to play?

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Not all and many turn their eyes the other way and don’t talk about it.

I think that got posted last week, very interesting there are pro’s and cons huh.

It’s to bad, The good agents that have the client in mind and keep them happy with a good home inspection are the ones that get hurt. I have a handful of good agents the rest are always asking to be kind to the house. I had a Real Estate company ask me to pay for advertising once ($2,000.00) told them no thanks, I have never got any more business from them.

OK I’ll ask the question. When a real estate company asks you to pay for advertising what does that mean? Are they putting adds for your company in their real estate book? Are they adding you to their Sunday newspaper adds? What type of adds are you getting for $2000.00?

Hate those kinds of Brokers and would love to have a published list.
Sorry if it was posted before.
Just love the ASHI angle:)

Paying to get “referrals” is against the NACHI ans ASHI SOP, as well as that of the NAR.

Some, either clueless or unethical, local agencies try to get around this by calling it “advertising”.

Still the same thing.

The realtors I have formed relationships with do not ask for payment and I do not give it to them. That is the “professional” way to handle this. Easy, not complex or even giving the “appearance” of a conflict of interest.

I am professional and so are they. It works out nicely.

Hope this helps;

If this trend continues to bloom unobestructed we will be working for them lets fight those gready thems now so we don,t have to fight them later .

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POSTED: 9:16 am CDT May 2, 2005