Do you have Kitec plumbing

Lawyers search for homeowners with Kitec plumbing

By Heather Klein
CREATED Sep. 19, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - There’s millions of dollars in the bank for homeowners with Kitec plumbing, but the attorneys are having trouble locating thousands of them.
Its part of a class action lawsuit we’ve been following for the past four years against the company that makes Kitec plumbing products. The lawsuit claimed the fixtures and pipes would corrode and cause serious problems, including mass flooding for homeowners. After a long process, the plaintiffs won.
“We are currently re-plumbing 150 homes per week,” attorney, Bill Coulthard says.

Bill Coulthard’s firm, Kemp, Jones & Coulthard, is one of the key players in the class action suit. He says they now have about 250 million in the bank to replace bad Kitec plumbing.
Some of that money went to homeowner Mike Christensen.

“The first day they show up, they tape off the whole house, I mean it looked like an ET movie, there was plastic everywhere,” Christensen says.
Christensen is one of about 14,000 homeowners who’ve already had their houses re-plumbed. Problem is, after sending numerous certified letters, Coulthard’s firm is having trouble getting the other 15-18,000 homeowners to file.
His firm is even going door to door posting fliers, letting people know they may have the faulty plumbing, but for a lot of them it won’t do any good since the homes are owned by the bank.
“The banks are selling these homes out of foreclosure as an as is condition and unwary buyers may end up with this defective product in their home,” Coulthard says.

While Coulthard believes the banks don’t want to deal with re-plumbing foreclosures, Christensen says he has plenty of neighbors who simply don’t want it.

“There’s a few neighbors that don’t think there’s a problem, they don’t want anything fixed, they don’t want the intrusion coming in the house,” Christensen says.

If homeowners, or banks don’t file by March 31, 2012 and their plumbing goes bad, they’re out of luck.
If you’ve recently purchased a foreclosed or short sale home and you’re worried there’s Kitec plumbing, don’t panic. The lawsuit follows the house, not the homeowner. There’s a couple of websites set up with all the information you need to check to see if your house qualifies and to file for new plumbing. Just click on the links below.