Do you have use for a Realtor Database ?

hi guys,
I needed some way to keep track of the realtors I send my brochures to, and who gives me an inspection from the mailing of the brochures, and to print out the mailing labels to send off the brochures, and so on.
so I made up a little database.
I wrote it in Microsoft Access.
If you have a use for it, I will send you over a copy.
You need Access 2000 or 2003. If you have an older version of Access I can convert it for your use.
Anyway, it keeps the basic data on the real estate agent, the last date you sent them a brochure, and how many inspections you have received from that realtor.
Then it prints out the mailing labels.
I use the Avery 8160 labels. If you know anything about MS Access , you could modify the report to use your style/number of mailing label.

You can now download the program at one of my websites at:

kevin rea

Nice work Kevin. . .

If I didn’t already have a similar program, I would certaily have a use for yours.

Hi to all,

Nice little application, I bet many members would benefit from it, congrats.



ART says you done well, and even weller by offering it to your NACHI friends. Thank you.

It’ll can be very handy for those who haven’t developed their own, but Access doesn’t come with the basic Office. Pretty pricey (but really good) database program.

Thanks for sharing with NACHI.

If you don’t have Access, or Microsoft Office, you can get Open Office 2.0. It’s an open source, free download office suite, and it will open and edit anything in Microsoft Office. I’ll try this realtor database with Open Office, just to make sure it works, but I’m fairly sure it will. I’ve been able to open any other office document with Open Office.

I made up something similar, also in Access, but I like yours better. I’ll have to use it. Thanks.

Hi guys ,

I put the program up on one of my websites.
you can download it here.

kevin rea

Can you record email addy’s too??

You could put it in the addess 2 portion probably.

Ok guys,
I added the email address to the database.

Just re-download the whole program from my website.

kevin rea

Sorry Kevin I didnt mean to make MORE work for you Bro!

Oh, I don’t mind… I love programming.
I have been programming in ms access for about 12 years now.


OK,… Im gonna show how stupid I am when it comes to 'puters but how do I make a Icon for this on my desktop?? (SHUT UP WENDY) <-- just in case! =)

Right Click on the program with your mouse and send to the “Desktop”.

well, it depends of course where you put the program…,
but, the easiest way would be to bring up windows explorer or my computer, and bring up the location of the .mde file in that window., then just Right click and hold your mouse button down and drag the .mde file out to your desktop, release the right mouse button and then select ‘Create Shortcuts here’.
and, that should do it.


Ahhhhhhhh cool, thanks Kevin, and Kevin!

Hey Peter…,
I made up a little movie for you , on how to make a desktop shortcut…

Earlier in this thread I said that this realtor database would probably work in OpenOffice. Well, I was wrong - couldn’t get it to work. This is the first time I haven’t been able to make a MS Office item work in OpenOffice. Oh, well, life goes on.

If anybody out there wants to mess with it, I did find some instructions for the older version of OpenOffice, at . Maybe you can make it work. Have fun :slight_smile: and let me know if you figure it out. Thanks!

Thank you very much for sharing this with the group. I have already begun to log information into the program and it works great. I must state that as a new member I am amazed and excited at the level of support and camaraderie that this message board forum has for the membership. It is a great feeling to know that their are many professional people amoungst us who are willing to share their knowledge and actually take the time for the support of the group as a whole. I am pleased to be a part of this group called NACHI.

Thanks again for your efforts in getting this information out.:smiley: