Do you include InterNACHI's big glossary in your reports?

My understanding is that it slows down report generation. Have you found it worth waiting the extra time?

I don’t include it in my reports. I use it for my own reference, or if I want to add a definition or two, for example. Hey Kenton, great to talk with you! In HIP desktop, go to Report Settings / Glossary, from there you can add/remove/enable all/print settings, etc…I think I may have put some of the InterNachi Glossary into it some how, when I first started using HIP, can’t remember exactly. You can also download the PDF here:

HIP video:

I sure don’t.

Why would you? You can copy and paste to a search engine faster than you can look a word up in a 130 page pdf appended to the home inspection report.

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To give the client something to read at the end! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have some of the terms I use put into my program. Other than that, it would be too much for sure to add to a report!

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The International Association of Certified Home
Inspectors (InterNACHI) hereby grants this irrevocable,
non-exclusive, royalty-free license to any federal, state,
or local government located in the United States or
Canada, and any agencies thereof, including licensing
boards, to use InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice,
Code of Ethics, and any other materials found on the
InterNACHI website ( free of charge,
without the need for pre-approval, provided that each
use is clearly attributed to InterNACHI.