Do you include InterNACHI's big glossary in your reports?

My understanding is that it slows down report generation. Have you found it worth waiting the extra time?

I don’t include it in my reports. I use it for my own reference, or if I want to add a definition or two, for example. Hey Kenton, great to talk with you! In HIP desktop, go to Report Settings / Glossary, from there you can add/remove/enable all/print settings, etc…I think I may have put some of the InterNachi Glossary into it some how, when I first started using HIP, can’t remember exactly. You can also download the PDF here:

HIP video:

I sure don’t.

Why would you? You can copy and paste to a search engine faster than you can look a word up in a 130 page pdf appended to the home inspection report.

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To give the client something to read at the end! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have some of the terms I use put into my program. Other than that, it would be too much for sure to add to a report!

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