Do you know of any.......


Yes Stuart is still there, but you should also know that contradicting info is now challenged. And yes I have had run ins with Stuart to ensure accuracy of the info is not taken as always accurate.

However I must ad that the info presented is taken much better only because the info is presented in a manner which is not alarmist or as an ‘all knowing’ attitude such as you repeatedly demonstrate.

Brian you would get more mileage and respect if you didn’t come off as a pontificating fool.


The difference being that I never said:

I have moved on and removed many of my posts .

I guess you have not been paying attention.

I have to think you and BRIAN are extremly desperate for action and it shows how silly the two of you are.
How about trying to help our industry instead of advertising the secret Cult you belong too.

9 days till Christmas , Enjoy the holidays and a very Merry Christmas to all . Char and Roy

Ray writes:

Ouch again!

Wow, profound again !!

Someone remind Roy to again start raving about how clever Nick is. It must be difficult for Nick to walk with that extra appendage from Brighton sticking out of his rear end.

Bill Mullen

More hits for Nick.


I see now why you brought Raymond back to the boards…needed a hitman!!

BTW…does Mario know?

Are you having fun?..I am …but have to go to work now!!


The only hits being generated on this forum are the result of your constant pointless posts of which you prove very little.

You try and weasel out of your spin cycle by painting the matter as being a case of this discussion needing hits.

Again I will ask you point blank.


Perhaps you can explain the findings of this document located here.…inspectors.pdf

Its readily apparent you nor anyone else associated with this matter has the answers.

Come on Brian don’t weasel out of the answers and don’t spin, spin, spin!

Okay let’s hear it, “I LIKE MIKE” come on you can say it, “I LIKE MIKE”. Come on Brian I know you can do it, “I LIKE MIKE”. Now wasn’t that fun.

Let’s face it, the guy has brought our industry to the public, unfortunately it is in his usual “the other guy doesn’t know as much as me” atitude.

I actually look forward to the day when the “Holmes Boys” open up shop in Atlantic Canada, then we should start getting paid properly for the amount of time and expertise we put into an inspection. If the dollar values that a Mike Inspection cost are what I have read on these message boards is true then I welcome that kind of competition. I think I will add his link to my own site.

Let’s here it one more time, “I LIKE MIKE”.



“spin, spin, spin” ??? Where have I heard that before? :wink:

Ray… Brian is spinning to keep you from kicking his @$s any more than you already have.


Brian should use snow tires, he wouldn’t get as much spin but more traction! :mrgreen:

So George is all blustered out and getting nowhere with the BIG THREE…LOL…now you’ve taken up …what cause was that again…Oh right! …having inspectors join a union. That’s pretty wild to think you can have a bunch of mostly independent, single person entrepreneurial endeavours join such a group as the Teamsters…Oh! I get it now…they’re still looking for Jimmy Hoffa and HI’s will be engaged in the search!!!

Teamsters…seem like real nice bunch of guys…I wonder who they associate with?

BTW…As I have said before about the BIG THREE FOLLY (LOL)…
British Columbia (the place where INACHI members had to join other Orgs to keep working- INACHI and ASHI “certification” not accepted there!!) did not go out and get those questions answered before quickly bringing in HI regulations. So, IMHO, the BIG THREE questions were irrelavent before George ever crafted them…I feel bad for George putting all this effort into ACHI when his ship already sailed!! Such is life!!

And I wonder how many persons wrote in about the conflict of interest in realtors recommending HI’s… I know I did! Guess what? From the BC website:

Helpful Tips for Realtors

Realtors should not:

  • make a referral to a home inspector if there is a conflict of interest regarding a home inspection that results in a material gain for the home inspector


Q. Why does the Home Inspector Licensing Regulation prohibit conflict of interest?

A. Consumers pay for a service and this service should not be compromised or influenced by another person with an interest in the property. Realtors should provide potential home buyers with the website or telephone number of Consumer Protection BC, or one of the acceptable associations or authorities that have contact information for licensees or members.

Coming to a province near you…:mrgreen::twisted:

It’s funny when the truth (which Roy loves) is explained to those outside the practicing HI field, how a much different picture emerges!!


LOL! I think Brian is attracted to me and his “spin, spin, spin” means something sexual.


Go back and read Wanda Raymond’s post #19. Being a Holmes Inspector essentially emasculates you and then leaves you holding the bag. That’s why there are so few Holme’s inspectors after 1.5+ years…someone would need the business quite badly before they would get involved there!!

You would think people would be jumping head over heels to be at the head of the line…NOT!

Are you now a paid employee of INACHI? After the pariah you became a few years ago, I find it very strange that you are back here*…but…hey!.. any $$$ is a help in hard times!!!

  • And would be very interested on how that transpired!!

Thank-you Nick… for helping Wanda Raymond. You really are a nice guy…especially with Christmas coming.



You must come from that part of the country where a local phrase is:

“If you can’t get a girl, get a fat boy!!”

Sorry, I don’t live in that part of the country and I definitely don’t spin that way!!


Please if you want to be seen as some legitimate force please, please, pretty please provide the answers to the questions asked repeatedly of you.

All we see is your desperate attempt to divert the topic to your senseless tirades of which you provide no proof.

However I must note, that its regrettable you keep lowering yourself to new depths in order to make yourself look good but you keep coming across as a desperate fool.

Again I will ask you point blank.


Perhaps you can explain the findings of this document located here.…inspectors.pdf

Oh and Brian all knowing and all seeing, maybe your could provide an editorial comment on this…?

**CAHPI/NC TIPR Fraud allegations

Any updates on this proceeding?

Legal Action

We have been working on behalf of our Provisional Members that were registered with CAHPI’s National Certification Program and awaiting their TIPR when CAHPI canceled the program.

To-date CAHPI has refused our requests to refund your money in full and after several attempts by your executive we are now starting legal action to help recoup your outstanding balance.
We have been advised by the RCMP that this action would be our best approach as a criminal investigation would be unfortunately very low on their priority due to cutbacks and staffing issues nationally.

Our corporate attorney will be filing the required documentation with the courts in early September. If you would like more information on the proceedings contact**

Ouch again!


I think you may want to send Brian a gross of bandages, he needs to bandage the self inflicted wounds. :mrgreen:


You are in the dark, aren’t you? Or drunk with giddiness at being allowed back on these boards. Can you explain how that happened?? I’m sure the rest of the board with paid membership are also wondering, considering your removal over 2 years ago caused the largest upheaval seen here in the 3.5 years I’ve watched the boards!! It pitted board and ESOP committee members against each other and even against Nick. The boards were full of swearing, the lowest vulgar name calling, threats of lawsuits…probably the lowest point of INACHI’s history and all on the “open to public” boards! SAD!!! SAD!!! SAD!!!

Nick…I thought you were smarter than that…but Ray’s back…
Did you purge the boards of the horrid past with WANDA RAYMOND?

Go back and read post #32 until you understand what’s happening in the industry in the face of the irrelevant questions posed by the Three Amigos. BTW, are any of the Amigos allowed to post on CANNACHI any longer? Can Nick get you back on there also? When will it happen? Oh! The DRAMA!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

My monies are not involved in the CAHPI fiasco with the NCP. CAHPI decided to can the NCP as they probaly saw it as competition. Although I am concerned about this issue, I am now involved with no organization… plus my monies were not involved in the fiasco… I have my NCH for a few more months and may go back to being as I was for many years- no “official” designation/credentials but… still got the same amount of work (sometimes more) including HI, training, litigation assistance, consulting.