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I have to wonder what standards exactly his inspectors live up to. Do they get to rip up carpet and cut holes in walls?
Did he buy each of them a 35000. dollar thermographic camera when they started out, as he recommends on tv, each inspector have? I also have to wonder if his tv show is really just a marketing tool ,ie. scare tactics, to drive business to his inspection services? Of course there is really no conflict of interest here after all he is most likely endorsing the company and using his name as a public service and not receiving any compensation for it, EH :wha?:

Another of Mikey’s programs on now. Did you know that:
(1) 1/2 lb spray foam does not stop any air leakage
(2) the vapour barrier must stop air leakage
(3) washer/drywer sets should always be in the basement

These are all in one show…and it’s only1/2 done…can’t stand it…where’s the flicker??

??? How the hell did he get to where he is…who did he pay off?

He is now building homes in Alberta as well.

Is this the Mike Holmes free ad billboard ? Canadians please start new threads.

Gee Anthony ,I thought this was a new thread your post is #4 and this is on the Canadian site .
What can we do to make you happy .

Really… and why is that?

Because they don’t know any better Joe.
Hell, up here I’ll see a set on the second floor, a set on the first floor.
Mine are in the basement, cause there is no room on the first or second, otherwise they would be where it is most convenient. :slight_smile:

Apparently the home’s structural loading for floors isn’t good enough for Mikey…appliance use will shake the whole house!! Also he doesn’t like the chance of a spill from the washer upstairs. Hell, we have full bathrooms with jet tubs upstairs…his thinking is not consistent!!! Too many bright lights affecting him. Still **acting **like he knows everything.

He is not the only one that has concerns with “Spills”…insurance carriers have issues with upper floor laundry rooms without a curb and floor drain. All new construction here that has an upper floor laundry room requires a floor drain.

You guys should give Mike a break.

Yep that Mike is smart and disrespectful at the same time. he targets bad home inspections pinpointing all bad, none good and then airs it. but then that is what his TV programs are all about anyway rite!? to the point of floor drain up stairs… well let me tell you, had it happen wish i had a floor drain on the main floor,insurance came good but thats not the point. what happened the washer hose blew off, of coarse the water finding its way down the stairs and were ever else.the problem was! heres the kicker the washer was in the bath up stairs below that is the utility room with the floor drain sounds simple enough haaaa a piece of ------- paper floats across the floor and does what! plugs the floor drain,yep the blown washer hose tryed to turn basement into a swimming pool, lucky me i had a walk out patio door that was letting some escape not sure how high the water was to stund -amazed and pissed off to take measurements.if you you were wondering there was no sump pump the house was built on a hill side in heavy rock gravel with walk out to the hill side,the dryest house on the planet flooded by a piece of paper. Sweet Sweet Jesus A floor drain on the main floor YEP I’m for it but i don’t need mike for that one. but we all carry on

(Poor Mikey!! He’s getting rich from his programs, is now considered a “construction guru” and getting paid just for his name. AW!!! Poor guy.)

“insurance carriers have issues with upper floor laundry rooms without a curb and floor drain.”

So it’s an easy fix, especially in new construction or major renovation (which is every thing Mike lays his hands on). What’s the big concern? The last house I built for a client (a home economist) in 1987 had the laundry on the second floor. No problem to put in a curb and a primed floor drain.

In the show I was watching (but soon turned the channel), Mike had the lady move the laundry to the basement!! How hard would it have been to add the necessary items versus moving the appliances to the basement and having to plumb/wire/create a laundry there.

BTW, IMHO, if the insurers want to reduce claims from laundry spills, they should require that all laundry supply hoses be plastic/stainless steel braid encapsulated. Over the years I have heard of 50-60 cases of the cheap rubber hoses failing leading to major spills. That is probably the largest cause of water spills in laundries and has an easy fix of better hoses that cost only $20-$25 more than the cheapies. I have the strong recommendation to use encapsulated hoses in my inspection report appendix.

I’ll give Mr. Holmes a break when he acknowledges that his answers are not always the most practical or even the best solutions to a potential problem, and when he finally recognizes what a home inspection is, and what it is not.

IMHO putting the washer where most of the laundry is generated is better then in the basement. Of course it has to be installed with appurtenances that will take care of any leaks. Install automatic shut off valves on the water supply so there is no pressure on the hoses unless the washer is in use. Install a drip pan with a drain to the basement floor drain. If it is connected to the sewer system you have to deal with the sewer gases.
For an example of a shut off valve go to http://www.plumbingworld.com/automatic_washing_machine_valves.html
The above link is for valves that open when the washer is turned on and shuts off when the washer cycle is finished. Although it costs more my choice would be this one.
or to

The above one uses a moisture sensor to shut the water off when it gets wet. (after it leaks)
Also these valves are made for water heaters and dishwashers.

I have had one washer leak and four dishwasher leaks, two of the dishwasher leaks were floods. One of the dishwasher floods happened when the drive belt burned a hole in the water supply line. It this case only the moisture sensor would have shut the water off.

The aging population wants their laundries on the same floor as bedrooms.

Watch this short NACHI.TV episode with FloodStop.

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Don’t let the imposter off this easy!!

Anyone know if there is an site available to view past episodes? I see items I could comment on just about every time I watch one of his shows (which is very infrequent). In his new “Holmes Inspection” series, if memory serves me, he contradicts himself on an issue between two shows!