Do you really agree with Obama!

Just found this interesting! Found at Obama WTF! No doubt bias but he is what he is! I actually remember his stance on some of these but that was long before I quit listening to his blow hole! If you happen to click on any of the links you will have to scroll down to see the full answer. Site is cluttered with Obama stuff. Enjoy!

**Does Obama share your views on the major issues? 20 questions **

A recent poll by Pew Research reported that 55% of those people who were supporting Obama claimed what they liked most about him was his “stand on the issues.” Really? Taking this short quiz may help you double-check.

Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

1 ILLEGAL immigrants should be given drivers licenses

2 If following an attempt at an abortion, the baby is born alive, we should kill him or her

3 Our new president should immediately hold a conference for the leaders of all Muslim nations so we can listen to their concerns

4 A “Marriage” can be between a man and woman, or a man and man, or a woman and woman

5 If America wants to be respected in the world, we can’t drive our SUVs, and eat as much as we want .](

6 After September 11, I immediately thought it was important to understand what causes such madness.

7 People in small towns in Pennsylvania and the Mid-West are bitter, which explains why they cling to guns and religion

8 Even though doubling capital gains tax will result in less revenue for the government we should do it anyway. Its about fairness…some people make too much money

9 A church whose magazine publishes a claim in June 2007 that Jews invented a bomb which only targets Africans and Arabs is actually not that controversial.

10 We cannot continue to rely on the US military to achieve homeland security. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as WELL-FUNDED.

11 We should commit the US to cutting global poverty in half by 2015 at an estimated cost to US taxpayers of around $800 billion.

12 Its unreasonable to expect a nominee for President to vet the people he/she asks to conduct a search for a Vice President

13 We should slow down our development of future combat systems for the US Military

14 Its OK to make a fundamental promise to use public finance during the general election in order to win a Primary, and then to break the promise at the start of the general election because its all about winning.
15 Its OK for a candidate for president not to pay parking tickets for 20 years, as long as he/she pays them off at least two weeks before announcing a run for president
16 We should never criticize the words spoken by a candidate’s spouse, even if that spouse is actively giving speeches promoting the candidate, talking about policy and other political issues

17 A church whose Senior Pastor condemns the US government for creating HIV to kill African- Americans, is actually not that controversial

18 For a Presidential candidate’s National Campaign Chairperson to compare a Primary between an African- American male and a blond white woman, to OJ Simpson murdering Nicole is OK
19 Child sex-abusers should be considered for early release
20 Iran is not a threat…it spends less than one hundredth of what the US spends on Military

You know…even if all of that were true…he is still 100% better than John McCain for the job of President. His landslide victory, almost assured, is less than a month away.

I hope you are ready.

Is it true or not Jim? If even half is true why would you vote for him? Would’nt you just stay home and say “I think both parties are not worth voting for”? Is it you agree more with Obamas values, character, and ideas such as National Health Care, killing a live baby out of the mothers womb, tax increases in a time where taxes should be the last thing raised, etc. These alone are wrong and one is repugnant! But we’ve been over this time & time again. Obama is who he is and his groupies are who they are. The same for the other side! Don’t forget to put your Obama sign up in your yard!

…don’t forget Obama’s commitment to poison the world’s chocolate milk reserves, impregnate all of the white women of Alabama, and write an Executive Order banning Christmas trees.:smiley:

Oh yeah! I forgot those!

Jim, in spite of our disagreements, I think you are really smarter than that.

Based on the following comment I just got…

Do you really agree… 10/10/08 3:26 PM Your about as stupid as your picture looks :wink:
I guess I’m wrong. Maybe he isn’t smarter than that.

That’s teh funny bit James. There’s no need to make it up in Obama’s case. His story is what it is no matter how many times he lies about his past.

McCain/Palin lap dogs!

Can you see the desperation?

Can we anticipate mass rioting as the election returns come in showing an Obama landslide?

This is scary.

The better question is if McCain wins by a squeaker will the Obamites accept it?

The new National Anthem when Obama is elected:


More good news for Obama! \:D/

Rachel Maddow Show: Obama to Take NC from McCain?

One thing that can’t be denied is that Obama is a brave sob. His odds of an attempted assassination are extremely higher than any President, or candidate, since Kennedy.

Victory Within Grasp, Obama Faces A New Choice
October 9, 2008 03:12 PM

As two major developments become increasingly likely - a Democratic presidential victory on November 4 and a sustained economic crisis - Barack Obama faces a difficult choice: does he begin now to prepare the electorate for tough times, or does he continue to maintain a politically contrived optimism on the assumption that he can shift gears after election day.

The short-term incentives are all on the side of maintaining a happy face: As things stand, Obama keeps moving ahead in the polls, winning debates and expanding his hold on battleground states. Why junk a winner?

Conversely, Obama and his aides have to calculate how the rhetoric of his campaign will influence his ability to govern. On this score, there is wide disagreement, with political scientists, strategists and political analysts - in responses given to the Huffington Post - all over the map.

Pew Center pollster Andy Kohut notes that both Obama and McCain “are caught in a bind. If they say we are in for a tough run, they run the risk of being seen as unconfident and pessimistic. However this opens them up for being seen as wrong and letting down the public once elected.”

One argument is that a failure to prepare voters for what’s coming can have disastrous results. Both George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton promised either tax cuts or no new taxes and ended up reneging on their commitments. Bush lost in 1992 and Clinton lost his Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate in 1994. Conversely, Ronald Reagan, who was explicit in promoting his conservative agenda during the 1980 campaign, took office with the legitimate claim that he had a mandate to seek tax and domestic spending cuts.

“It simply is not credible to suggest that the policies to be offered in response to the credit crisis make up exactly the same laundry list as [Senator Obama] offered a year ago. But that is all [he] offered in his second debate with Senator McCain,” says Michael Malbin, professor of political science at the University at Albany, SUNY. “Sen. Obama owes it to the American public to be telling us more. The financial crisis is not business as usual.”

Looking at the question from a more strategic vantage point, political scientist David Brady, of the Hoover Institution and Stanford, says Obama should prepare voters by telling them now that it’s “‘too early to know how well the bailout will work.’ Otherwise he could be like Bill Clinton in 1992, having to raise taxes because the deficit was too high.”

The opposite argument is that the political costs of voicing pessimism are prohibitive, that there is plenty of opportunity to prepare voters for drastic action after election day, and that a candidate risks worsening conditions by sounding strong warnings. The classic example to support this case is the 1932 Depression-era campaign of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said little or nothing while campaigning in 1932 to indicate the contours of his New Deal program.


John Kennedy already solved this problem and has given Obama the line that will get him off the hook the day after the Inauguration.

When we got into office the thing that surprised me most was that things were as bad as we were saying they were.”

Remember, Ying / Yang , Right / Wrong, Reagan / Carter. The pendulum swings both ways and it is generally accepted that it took the disaster of the Carter administration to bring about the golden days of President Reagan.

The good news is that even if Osama manages to steal this election with lies and empty promises, he will be a one term disaster. America will move on to " broad sunlit uplands" ( with thanks to Winston ). It may take the horror of four years of socialist failure to bring about a new Reagan, but it will happen.

At least the McSame supporters are accepting the fact that Obama has the election in his pocket. I know it’s a long, twelve step process, but we’ve finally moved past denial and we’re on to acceptance.

Sounds like you are talking about 2000 when the dems freaked out! Just imagine now that the dem party has turned socialist what will happen if McCain pulls it off! Now that’s scary!:slight_smile:

I can’t wait for this election to be over with. It is a race between a party that for the longest time seems to embrace Marxist Socialism and a party that is after 8 years is difficult to distinguish from Communist Party of China. While both deserve to suffer crushing defeat next month, I’m starting to pull for the DemocRATS, since the Repugnantcans will never make a radical change back to their conservative roots if the conservatives keep buying into the fearmongering.

I get your frustration with both parties. Many share that view including me.

What I don’t get is your willingness to assist the socialist leaning party to gain even more power.

Do you really think the Democrats have any capacity for change to a conservative direction when Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, And Obama have shown nothing but support for the continued expansion of governement control and increasing Socialism?

Sometimes a little fear can be a good thing.

Even the Dems use fear repeatedly by claiming McCain is the third term of Bush while ignoring the fact that congress has much lower approval ratings than president Bush.

Are we headed in the wrong direction? Apparently so.

Does the Dem/Obama road map lead in right direction? You tell me.