DO you think its leaking?

FInally got my first EIFS with the thermal camera. I had to wait until the sun went down, and the outside cooled off.

The first pic was reversed temp…

nice pics Sean…What cam are you using .


fluke tir1


Did you do a seperate EIFs inspection or was this part of the entire home inspection?

Did you use a moisture meter to confirm your findings? If so what moisture meter are you using.

How long did it take you to feel comfortable using the camera?

I am taking all the required courses for the Nachi requirements.

Nice camera, you done good!!
Congrats, I hope it is profitable for you.

Well taken images like his are great examples of why a spec sheet cannot tell you how good of images the camera will take. Specs on the TiR1 are 160x120 and 70mk. His first one could easily be mistaken for a higher resolution.

The image attached to this post is also a TiR1. When you see the experienced thermographiers on here talking about thermal tuning this image is a great example.



I am still learning with the camera. I knew there would be moisture it was just tuning it in. The first time I tried the sun was shining on the home so I couldn’t find anything, but once it went down around 5 the outside cooled off and I could see it. The moisture was warmer where it showed up.

NO, the lady buying the home chose not to. Not really needed IMO. The windows were rotted so badly it was obvious the walls were leaking.

Oh, and to confirm with the meter (protimeter) I was able to access behind the spa tub and get to the exterior sheathing under one window. It was indeed wet, so that would confirm it.

The garage window pic is kind of a give away don’t ya think…

Awesome Image for sure!