Does anyone carry a gun at inspections?

At this tear-down property today on behalf of a “fixer upper flipper” company. Didn’t even enter the home it was so bad. There was a furious pit bull on the roof (naturally), that the homeowners chained up at one point.

Then the homeowners asked me if they could leave. They leave, five minutes later the dog comes back out on the roof, telling me that he desperately wants to kill me.

Then a person I hadn’t met yet walks out of the home and asks me “who are you and why are you here?” I told him and felt very grateful he didn’t have a gun in his hand. Then he says “oh, I wouldn’t have let the dog loose if I knew you were here. He can jump down from the roof, he did yesterday.”

To be clear, the firearm would be to defend against violent animals. This pit bull today made me feel like it would be pretty damn appropriate.

Any feedback? This is the first and last time I step foot on a property like this, I’m walking away next time. But I feel like something bad can still happen even if I was more careful, especially in the “hills have eyes” regions where people beat their dogs into being a security system.


Dog without a leash or control, I did not do the inspection. Happened only once. Owner left the dog upstairs so the upstairs did not get inspected. Client pain me half because I did everything else.

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Definitely. I got closer than I should have today. Lesson learned without incident, thankfully.

But that dog would’ve ripped my throat out if it had the opportunity. Just thinking about that one in a million situation where I don’t have the time to stay away.

This photo is meme gold. Glad you’re safe.


I carry this at all times. It can make a formidable weapon against a rabid dog. Also always have my utility knife on me.


I had one in my hand as I was gathering my stuff to leave lol


You should listen to this: Home Inspector Safety - With Bob Madewell - Inspector Toolbelt Home Inspection Software App


Dog or no dog I would have kept the truck in drive and passed on this POS house. I did one and never again. Too many health risks just walking in the door. Scabies is not fun!


Jesus, didn’t consider bringing bugs home with me.

Yea, I’m starting to have it up to here with this fix n flip company lol. Many times it’s simply a tedious inspection, but sometimes I start thinking I’m not getting paid enough.


Then you definitely are not!


Thank you! Will do

To the client: "Got to site, recommend…


When you feel adventurous and start looking, you will find your wild adventure!

Renegotiate. Either your scope of work changes or the pay changes.



What a rat trap.


Sniper Tower



Nick should stop building new houses of horror and just buy this place. There’s like a full report just in the electrical service.


…right up to the point they say no. Either the scope of work gets real easy, your pay gets real good, or you just alleviated yourself of a shitty day of work.


Years ago I had some punk pull a knife on me when I was unloading tools wanting my $ and some tools.

I always carried a machete in the back of my truck, that I got in Guatemala years before, and puled that out and he ran away very fast. LOL!

Then I carried something more powerful that was on my body always.


Clients were actually very reasonable and told me to just do what I can from the outside. I get the feeling the report is just a formality for corporate.

It’s usually business I welcome, they’re good people and have never said anything about my limitations. Honestly, part of it is me just wanting to deliver good value & worrying about them criticizing my work.

It’s tough because I think we all have our own thresholds for certain limitations - sometimes I choose to move some boxes out of the way, sometimes I’ll step off of floor boards in the attic onto the rat run to get a better picture of the vent pipe penetration, etc. So with these houses, it’s this added difficulty of constantly judging whether I’m going to call out a limitation or not.

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