Question for inspectors

How do you feel, and what do you think (two totally different questions) about concealed carry while inspecting?

  • Protection? I have been assaulted by a couple of builders who were not happy with my findings. I have also been assaulted by “gang bangers” suring inspections. Also shot at.

  • Do you inform or ask the client?

  • Do you ask the seller, if they are present?

  • Agents?

Note: I am talking about concealed carry of a licensed firearm that is in compliance with all state laws for ownership and carry.

If your confident you can safely use it to protect yourself then go for it.

If you have any apprehension then maybe turning down certain areas or jobs is better.

I carry pretty much everyday. I have taken tactical courses and I feel very confident in my ability to protect myself. In Virginia we can open carry or CC and I choose to CC. I do not try to conceal the weapon 100%, it sits in a super tuck IWB holster. I do not tell anyone I have it and I suspect that I run into many people who do just the same.

Bottom line is that I will do what I need to do to protect myself and get home.

My question was not so much about carrying, but about how your client would feel. In my area (Chicago) we just got CC allowed and there are some pretty lefty areas. I am concerned that if I carry and the client notes it, they may get all “you baby killer” on me.

I have been shooting since I was 8 and taken tactical courses and shot in competitions, so I am not concerned about my abilities or the safety, but more the appearance to my clients and the public.

I would not let them know.

I have a CCW permit and always carry. (as do my wife and daughter)
Keep it concealed and your clients will never know.

Getting home to your family every night is the important thing.

You seem to know your way around firearms, so I would say go ahead, and just keep it to yourself, and don’t flash it around everywhere (obviously). I would take care to not carry in the attic, as this would be awkward and may result in an ND (Negligent Discharge). However if you have one of those small toolbags with the CC compartment, or some of the CC shirts from Under Armor then I would say use those.

Obviously you dont want to carry a Desert Eagle, so that being said I would carry a more compact sidearm if at all possible.

As far as a realtor (which I wouldnt worry about, a lot of them carry as well) or client finding out about it and getting all “baby killer” on you, expect it to one day happen. In that case, remain calm and explain to the client why, and show him/her your CC card to at least give some assurance of responsibility. If they are still bent out of shape about it, then you may have to void the deal.

As long as you arent trying to be a crime fighter, you will know when and where you should carry, and when and where you shouldn’t.

IMHO I have been in areas that I wouldn’t even want to get out of the car, let alone do an inspection. But like Paul said, if the neighborhood is that bad, then don’t do the inspection. No amount of money is worth your life.

Concealed is concealed.

I see no problem not informing clients.

Me neither as it is none of their business.

Thanks, guys. I was having some second thoughts because of a client who saw my holster (looks like an iPad carrying case. I carry an M9) and asked me, in a horrified tone of voice, if that was a gun. I answered that it was and that I had a CCW permit and it was all legal and all. The client completely freaked out. “I do not feel safe in this house with someone carrying a gun.” I answered that I was sorry that zhe suffered from such a phobia, but that it was comply legal and the safety was on and all that. She seemed to be scared of the gun, itself, not with me carrying it. Like the gun, all by itself, was somehow inherently dangerous. Finally, I left and put it in my truck and returned to the inspection. The client still kept walking around saying “I can’t believe that you actually brought a gun to this inspection. What were you thinking?”.

I am kinda concerned with people like that and if they would spread around bad words about my company. I live near the People’s Republic of Evanston, where most of the inhabitants are stone cold wacko lefties.


Hide it better :slight_smile: I keep mine in my right cargo pocket of tactical pants.

Just make sure you do not grab it instead of your small electric driver :slight_smile:

Yeah, I would be a little more discreet. A full size Beretta isn’t a great choice for CC IMHO. I would go with a Colt commander, or a Ruger LCR. The 15 round mag on the M9 is nice, but if you are getting into circumstances where you need that much ammo, then you may want to stop doing home inspections in Afghanistan and come back to the states…lol.

M & P Shield is great and fits my pocket nicely. I like it better than the Ruger because of the trigger pull and I am a big Ruger fan.

Unfortunately I bought it for my wife and one day she may wish to start carrying it.

Sometimes I carry my S & W 38 with lazer in same pocket and speed loaders on belt. When not inspecting the 38 is on my hip to front. I skip one loop so I can keep it comfortable.

I kinda don’t have much of a choice. I have not (as of yet) found a piece that feels right (I am 6’ 8" tall and have big hands). I have had the M9 the longest and it is the smallest piece that I have that is even concealable (1911 is even worse). I also like its heft. I have never been comfortable with the Glock because of its movable barrel. The light slide just throws me off. Go figure.

One big problem, around here, is that CC is so new. Illinois just approved it last year and people have not gotten used to it yet. Some towns, like Chicago and Oak Park really don’t want to believe that it is legal. I have gotten stopped, 4 times, in Evanston by police asking about it. I show them my CCW and FOID and that I am all legal and all, but they still can’t seem to get the concept through their heads.

Seems you answered your own question Will.

Just yes Officer them to death.

No reason to go to jail for POP Pissing Off Police :slight_smile:

Lots of my friends did when they were young :slight_smile:

That’s one time i’ll be a brownoser for sure :slight_smile:

Not here like many but out there for sure :slight_smile:

I have carried for years, I never talk to clients about it or show it unless they understand. Some people will “freak.” I let them, just not with me. It is the same about talking politics or religion, tread carefully.

I suggest you read and learn your laws carefully. In Florida we have some rules and precedent from court cases and a lawyer that follows it all carefully. I read his book every time he updates it and follow his blog. I have no duty to inform anyone what I legally do.

For others, formal training is a must, from basic to tactical and laws.

I never argue with police. I have talked to them, back at the station, with their Sergeant and my lawyer. They were hesitant to give me my perfectly legal gun back, that is until my lawyer told them he would file a federal civil rights case against the PD and them, personally.

I guess some people want to believer what they will, even after laws change.

Protect your self , you will always have someone freaking about something .