I needed a gun, but didn't have one!

I admit, I don’t do many inspections in areas in which I would expect to need a gun. Who has ever needed a gun during an inspection and had one and was glad, or didn’t and was sorry they hadn’t had one? Who has shot someone?

There Are areas near me that some would not go to without a gun. I find must of the time a long a you mind your own business you won’t find trouble, aside from that occasional random act of violence. If you do carry a gun you should never pull it out unless you intend you use it.

Don’t worry about people so much but have run across Mt lions. Did not shoot to hit or kill, just scare and it worked. I would not do this with a client around however.

In the public section? Really?:roll:

I was shooting my first “Best Chicago Home Inspector” You Tube video of myself walking in the local forest preserves when I encountered a lion. I had to wrestle it to the ground. No weapon was used to subdue the creature. Ruined my video production too. :frowning:
I think I’ll stick with my indoor videos, they’re safer and no weapons are needed.

Sorry To hear that Linus, I do not want to be first to inform you that was no Lion But Bob Making his Video lol

For the most part, when I go into a bad area of the city, it’s not the people you have to worry about, it’s the wild dogs you have to look out for. I witnessed a mail carrier being chased by a pit bull. I’m sure the mail carrier wshed he had a gun that day

I need a gun whenever my pants are on.

You are never ‘safe’. Not in your own home.

Not in a restaurant.

A gun in your car is USELESS!

Here’s a good forum on concealed carry: http://www.defensivecarry.com

I shot the owner’s dog on an inspection. A rottweiler. I went into the master bedroom where I guess he never saw a stranger go (except for the pool boy when the husband was away ;-)) and he trapped me in there for almost 5 hours and wouldn’t let me out. No phone. I finally had enough.

When the seller came home to the mess, instead of apologizing for the situation she put me in, she got upset with me, as if it was my fault she mistakenly thought her dog was friendly.

As for damage control, I figured I’d better take an indignant approach. I sent the seller an invoice (and copied both real estate agents) for my 5 hours of time, torn pants, gun cleaning, and one bullet.

I agree that is topic would flourish better in the Members only section.
Im glad Nick posted though:) 5 hours? You have more patience than I.

Yep. The “5 hours of my time” on the invoice I copied to the real estate agents was key to my successful damage control.

Tapped on the glass of a second story window with the barrel to get the attention of the guy that was trying to steal an air compressor out of the back of my truck.
We didn’t speak, but he seemed to understand what I was trying to communicate.
He took off down the street.

Yes, he was on-foot, and trying to steal a compressor. I guess he figured he would roll it along behind him.:roll:

I seriously doubt that there are any licensed home inspectors in Florida who doesn’t have a CCW permit, if you do find one though don’t hire him as he most likely has a criminal background and doesn’t qualify. :wink:

Besides someone who wasn’t happy to see me in the late 1990’s when I went into a REO house and a couple close calls here and there…

Like Mike and Nick… my really bad experiences have been with dogs… Strays or one’s on the property and so on, I mentioned last summer meeting a stray pit bull at a blind corner, that was nearly as large as I am, and that was both surprised and not too happy to see me. As I don’t always have a large metal object in my possession, pepper spray isn’t a bad idea either.

Raises a question, most business owners can carry @ their place of business, last I checked. Is a jobsite/inspection a “place of business”? I dunno.

Most carry laws are not as gun unfriendly as the Republic of CA.

Why did you needed a gun, if I may ask?

Not sure who your question is directed to. I’ll just speak for myself: I “need” a gun because bad guys have guns and I refuse to surrender my safety to anyone.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away! :shock:

That’s the “People’s” Republic of CA… I may add.

My question was directed at the author of this thread.

I will answer for myself:
I have never “needed” a gun. (assuming you mean for defensive purposes) Because I own a gun as do my neighbors, I hope to never NEED a gun.

If you do not exercise your RIGHT to free speech you will loose it.
If you do not exercise your RIGHT to self-incriminate, you will loose it.
If you do not exercise your RIGHT to own and carry a gun, you will loose it.