Does Anyone Have A Report That I could Look At?

I would like to get into the commercial market and I would like to get all of my ducks in a row before I venture out. Any help is appreciated.


Do you use Home Inspector Pro? There is a customizable commercial report in their grouping of templates. Easily customized to what you are doing. Some guys like to do all narrative which is a lot more work and time. I always tell my clients, 5-7 days on the turn around (for larger building and multiple apartments). Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. I take a minimum of 500 photos on a large commercial building. I just did a 21 unit apartment building…1300 photos. So, you will need the time. That was a two day inspection. The commercial market is tough. Lots of folks don’t get inspections, or the developer uses a builder who is going to do the future fit up. I only do 3-5 commercial buildings a year here in VT. Hopefully, you can get a higher volume. Good luck!

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24 hours max is the standard for report turnaround over here.
The State gives 48 hours.

You are doing something wrong.

I have 3D which is customizable as well. I was wondering about narratives but I would rather do a report format. We (Oregon) do not have commercial standards. I have done a few small jobs and I don’t even plan to really get going for at least a year, I’m still building up my home inspection business (again) but I would like to be knowledgable enough to do a larger one by then.

I’m not aware of too many states (or any) that have standards for Commercial / Industrial or Residential more than 4 units.

Another important reason for having not just a good Inspection Agreement, but to discuss the customers needs, as you are going to be proposing your standards and scope of work.

Shoot me an email… I’ll dig up an oldie Apt Building or what not. remove the NOSPAM part