Does anyone here charge 1000 dollars or more per inspection?

How do you justify it? Do you include lots of ancillary services, buy back guarantee, etc.?



Includes home inspection, termite inspection, wind mitigation inspection, 4 point insurance inspection, visual mold as a mold assessor.
I’ll also play the piano to check it is in tune.
What are your fees & WHY?


It depends on a lot of local market conditions as well. In my market, I often inspect luxury properties over $5-10 Million and the fee is well over $1,000. If you compare to what the realtor typically makes (2%), charging 1% is a good price and is accepted in this market. I always offer the “We’ll Buy Back” guarantee which is welcomed by clients & realtors. In this particular market, price cutters are not perceived as serious

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There is a FABI guy named Jerry Peck in Florida that was getting more than that 10 years ago, so yeah it’s been done. He also spent (what to me is an inordinate) amount of time both onsite and length of report which was rumored to be in the 100’s of pages. There was another NACHI guy in South Florida who would show up with a crew of inspectors and technicians even a scuba guy in the water for seawall inspections. Knock yourself out but don’t go unprepared.

Thing is though I know guys who do a grand a week and live like kings. :thinking:

Nice! The buy back guarantee makes me nervous because it sounds too good to be true. Conversely, using the buy back guarantee you can charge 1000 minimum even without ancillary services. At least that’s my opinion.

Has anyone ever used the buy back guarantee on you?

When the first question is “How much?” my fee is $9,832.33. If they hang up they have no sense of humor and I dodged a bullet (has only happened once). When they get into the conversation and we know what is to be inspected they like that the fee has gone down.

How much do you charge for inspections? Do you include lots of ancillary services, buy back guarantee, etc.?

Damn! 100s of pages? Either he only does massive houses or he is a nitpicking inspector. Not saying that’s a bad thing.

I like that lol. I still going through the program to become a CPI.

Also, 1 percent sounds insanely high considering most homes in my area go for 500k to 800k. A .25 percent flat rate sounds more feasible in my opinion.

Jacob, what are you hoping to accomplish by asking variations of the same questions on multiple inspection forums?


Just curious what you guys can charge and what you provide for the price. That’s all.

Jacob, If I get a call first asking “how much for an inspection”, I answer that it all depends on a bunch of factors, such as location size age etc. and when the potential client is vague, I ask them what they want, a price or a good inspection? That usually eliminates more wasted time. And the 1% comment was for a luxury property as opposed to an ordinary or average property.


I see. So what would you charge for an 1800 square foot house built in 1995 without any ancillary services? Costs 450k. Just curious.

Yes, I’ve charge over 1k on a few inspections. most are either commercial/multiple unit or over 10k sq. ft…

I see. What would you say your average price is?

Not Again. Please quit asking the same damn questions over and over and over and over again



Quit it Eddy!!!


What’s your average income per day? Per week?

What’s the most you ever made in one day?