HI Training was for the birds

Just a short note on a training school called Sharondale Academy that has operated for some time in Toronto in which the trainer has CMI certification. I and several others had responded to an ad in Kijiji/Toronto stating that for the paltry sum of 3595.00 we would be taught our course by a board certified Master Inspector and approved by NACHI we would receive mold training,as well as a web page professionally designed etc.
What I got was nowhere near what was being offered. I paid in full and for that I had to wait 3 weeks for my material(it was reported to have been stolen for the trainer’s truck) and the course that was taught was mainly taught by the students, we were designing the course as we went… The teacher in my opinion, may have had years of experience as an Inspector, but he was unable to convey that to us as students. The experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The Trainer of the course was always willing to talk about how to improve the course but it just didn’t seem to happen.

I wish to warn off anyone seeking training as a HI, buyer beware, there’s HI mills out there just pumping out people half trained with visions of making millions for little or no work. I am poorer but wiser.:mad: :mad: :mad:

can’t beat the carson dunlop program offered at community colleges. it takes a bit of time, but is for real.

Just out of curiosity, what did you think you could get sitting in a chair for $3,600.00 that could possibly compare to online education which is tweaked, time tested, allows you to go at your own pace, allows you to repeat as needed, alerts you to your own weaknesses, allows you to see much more than a blackboard, is often developed by many experts, is pretty close to one-on-one training, and is typically inexpensive or free? $3600.00 is serious money for just a classroom course.

I think the legitimate beef is that the school advertises NACHI approval.

I’ve already reached out to the owner, who is listed as a Toronto CMI

It is unfortunate, because a case like this quickly tarnishes the industry.

Just because someone thinks they can teach, does not always equate to a good teacher or a good program of study.


This guy’s business in NOT in Toronto, it is in Oshawa, a small city 45 min. East of Toronto.

Has this school been approved by NACHI, as he claims?

Bill Mullen

I took a distance education program that is accredited by the NCA that cost less than one third of that price. I also was lucky to find a good local NACHI inspector that was willing to bring me out on some of his inspections to let me get the hands on feel for home inspection which is very important. So for other newbies out there , research the courses carefully because they are not all equal, and remember you still need the hands on experience to really understand what this job is all about. The course is the starting line not the finishing line, experience is a marathon not a sprint, and if you go to fast it could end before you ever reach your true potential.

Thanks Ron we need to know when some one does not do the job they should .
Good Post…Cookie

I’ll second that.

I agree and this for sure would get rid of the many who are not doing a proper job and taking a huge amount of money with no returns.
This includes all the Canadian associations in my opinion.
The returns at NACHI are so far superior and cost so much less .
NACHI Has the best system for helping all home inspectors no comparison.

My experience with the training i received has make more aware of the shortfalls in not seeking a school or training school that has no affiliation with a covering body. Nick asked what i was expecting for my outlay of 3600.00, i was seeking training that was not strictly modular but would give me a good basis of general knowledge of the field of Home Inspection. The George Brown courses were not able to consist being offered as the depended on interest

My construction experience in roofing framing and a modular office system gave me a good working knowledge of structure but i was unsure in my working knowledge electrical and heating enough to make unwilling to inflict myself on an unsuspecting client. I had discoved NACHI shortly into the program and it has supplied me with a better understanding of these… Thank You NACHi, Thank you all the various inspectors who offer their input… I learn much here.:stuck_out_tongue:

As long as there are people around who are naive enough in believing that they can earn $7,000.00 in six weeks after they have invested $3,987.70 and forty-two hours of their time in a **“Fast Track Home inspection Course” **- including a one year paid for *NACHI *membership - there is little or no hope that we can improve the image of our industry in Canada, or to ever achieve professional recognition.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - TORONTO

Licencing sounds like the cure for the illness!

Thanks Rudolf.
How true and well said .
A big advantage they have over what goes on in Toronto at OAHI is they did not spend 3 years and $10,000;00 finding out just how hard it is to get to where they can make a living.
They also are able to communicate with a lot of Great people Like Rudolf and many others who know just what is the truth.
One of the main reasons I let OAHI was how they usually had an invitation to new home inspectors before many meetings . To hear the story about how easy it is to become a home Inspector and see the huge rewards to be had made me very disappointed in OAHI/CAHPI.
After 15 plus years they still only have about 220 Registered Home Inspectors .
WE at NACHI do have many who try and let all know how hard it is to make a living at home Inspections .
… Cookie

Licencing smells awfully good!

Licencing smells awfully good!

There are many sources of education available and we all must be diligent in the courses we take.

One course, of which I am involved in, and recognized by the Ministry of Education as a post graduate diploma in Home Inspections are the courses at Humber College. They have supported the industry and NACHI meetings in the past. They also have very good reviews by former students.

Worth a look. Humber.ca


You should look at Humber College. They have supported NACHI in the past as well as have a post graduate diploma in Home Inspection recognized by the Department of Education. Many good reviews by the students as well.

Worth looking at Humber.ca


Believe it or not I know a guy who has taken both the Carson Dunlop courses and the Humber College courses. His opinion is that the Carson Dunlop Courses are superior.
He initially took the Humber College courses. Then he was hired by Carson Dunlop and had to take their courses. Now he’s out on his own.