Does anyone list their testing equipment?

Do any of you include a list of your specific regular testing equipment used during an inspection in your report? (not including your Radon unit and calibration date) ie moisture meters, electrical testing equipment, thermal imaging, or water pressure gauges…
I currently have not, but am curious to know if anyone does and why/why not. I do photograph my equipment being used to show the moisture level, open ground/reverse polarity/correct wiring, etc, but don’t have a specific list of equipment used in my report.

Yes I will show photos of: IR photos, moisture meter readings.
I do not see a need to list the brands of the equipment, needless information to the client, my opinion

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Only IR equipment - It’s part of the Thermography Standard

On IR, Radon Testing or Stucco Moisture Probing … YES

On other inspections … NO … Needless Info

Nope. I never know if it will still be on the truck when I go for it anyway because my guys don’t know how to put anything back where it belongs. Take “lead-based paint chip baby” for example, he can’t even remember to tell the “fetal alcohol syndrome kid” to put the electrical equipment back into the watertight box on the utility truck. Nothing much more fun than having a corroded grounding tine break off in a client’s outlet…

It depends on what I am doing. Just last Monday I did a Moisture study on a roof where the roofer stated the problem was not his work but something to do with house. In a situation like that where I used 3 different moisture meters and my thermal imager and my report could become part of a legal issue. I always put pictures and brand name of my equipment underneath my scope of work description.

In my opinion, it is a good idea to record what equipment was used on a job to cover my butt. You do not have to include it in a report unless required by your SOP. If for some reason you are called into court to support your findings, the equipment used may come into question. I am writing an app to record equipment used and record all the needed calibration data. But, I am a bit obsessive on what I do. Your choice.