Does anyone remember when this board was about home inspection?

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I do…:smiley:

Now I spend extra time at other points of interest, there are very few here which interest me at all.

Almost a joke.

There is very little, if any, good information available lately.



The boards have got very tedious



speaking of which Gerry… I just posted an inquiry in the electrical section… a massive service entrance that concerned me… would love your opinion


So there a law against having fun and getting to know each other and just relaxing a bit?

Which is where Gerry should be looking for posts of deeper content.:roll:

No Wendy there isn’t it’s here :

Now going to the electrical section



No…that is to place things that may be offensive to others. The Misc. Forum CLEARLY states “Post anything you want here”.

What’s wrong Gerry? Business slow so you need to pick on someone and I just had a target on my back?:shock: :neutral:

Spam This forum is a collection of off-topic “junk” messages posted in the technical sections of this message board. Only registered message board users (members and non-members) can see this forum.

No Wendy,

Business is good thats why I object to plowing through miles of tedium to try to help other members, if you were as busy as I you would have no time to post the stuff you do.


Actually I would and like you’ve managed to tell everyone. Hit the ignore button and NO ONE forces you to click on a thread. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase!:roll:

Actually I am VERY busy. Now I’m even busier. I am getting several assignments a week that each take several hours. Plus, this is done on a computer and so in between different things I take a break and come here. Those who are interested click on my posts and respond in kind, those who aren’t, don’t. If you aren’t interested…stay out of my posts. It’s that simple. You are wasting a heck of a lot of time posting about me. So why don’t you find something more productive to do?

You are a PAID NACHI speaker correct? If nobody posted your events nobody would know about them. So really you don’t have any right to imply that your offerings have more value than mine or anyone else’s. It’s a very arrogant position.


Much as you like the last word, as I said in another post, you don’t play in my world, you have no concept of what that world is.

Weren’t you driving for a living, kinda like a taxi driver?


No actually Gerry, I started out driving. When he found out what my talents were in the computer field, he put me in charge of doing his Power Point presentations, television commercials, and website as well as newspaper ads, press releases and sign advertisments. Also, was in charge of organizing volunteers and delegating responsibility to those beneath me.

What were you saying now?

This is exactly the kind of discussion I thik we can all do without.

As for the original post, I completely agree, Gerry. That’s why I visit the general and miscellaneous posts less frequently.

I find that sometimes I get drawn into off topic discussions which (while amusing) are not productive and I need to re-focuse myself now and again. Going nachi-free for a week at a time often helps me and my business greatly.

Done any home inspections at all?



I agree, I was on the road for the last 2 weeks training so had little time to post, needed less blood pressure pills also, go figure :wink:



Looks like self control is the issue. Not what other people post.

Would you like a copy of a report I’ve written so you can see I actually know what I am talking about?

That would be nice: would you like me to cretique it for you?


You and I are on the same page on this one

I am for good BS but sometimes if gets a little too deap and should go to a different thread

Wendy – Just take a look at a lot of your postings an you will seem what we mean