The truth can..........

disappear very quickly here!!

There was a thread with a message by a MEMBER about $150 inspections. Seems to have disappeared!! What’s up???


It was an embarrassment. It sent out the truth that Nachi membership is no assurance of quality by pricing.

You mean like this one?

Nachi member since aug of 2008 and has his own teaching academy already Does inspections for $275;00 in Edmonton.
Is going to have a store to sell things . Great for this industry!

Roy Cooke

Went to look at products for sale…

Hide N’ Seek Home Inspection Services Ltd

New products being tested

More and more jokes being foisted on the public DAILY through the Cheap 'n Easy “certifications” granted here!!

SAD!!! SAD!!! SAD!!!

He was selling 30 lbs of merde for $5 but has sold out of shovels! :mrgreen:

Address: Barrie, ON View map
**Date Listed: **23-Jan-09

2009 special for home inspections, get a certified inspector to inspect your home for half price if you call now. Starting at** $150** for a one bathroom home. Best rate in town guaranteed. 705-791-2119

If you were an honest man Ray you would have noted the words “starting at” also posted his pricing page.


And Michael what do you charge, considering you never appear to have done any inspections?

Please note the previous post is from a thrice disgraced former member(Raymond Wand of Caledon, ON) who has no grip on reality.

Stay clear.

Ray, that dark place your in is up your backside.

How’s the view?

Michael you keep proving you are unfit for membership in Nachi, you keep stating I have been thrown out of three associations, but you provide no substance, this is an ingrained trait of the ESOP. Where is your proof? Come on Michael I know you can do better!

It’s hard to face the the truth about one’s self Ray.
I understand.
Get some help

Michael as usual you can’t back up your false statements! Still waiting. Desperate aren’t you?

Any one with half a brain can see the truth.

Where does that leave you?

Get some help.

Michael, you are slipping, now you are reverting to desperation because you can’t make your points without documentation! You are a quick learner you fit in nicely with the Goon Squad!

Ray, please accept my apologies as I was wrong.

You have been booted from 4(count em) FOUR orgs.

That must be a world record. Congratulations.:slight_smile:

Shall I list them?

Keep embellishing its what you do best!

I see you don’t deny it then.

That’s progress along the road to recovery.

Good start Ray.

Still waiting Michael. Provide proof or shut up you pathetic cretin!

Your lack of denial has provided all the proof needed for any discerning reader.

Ray Wand of Caledon ON.

Stay clear folks. Danger ahead.

**Hello I am Michael Larson of Michael Larson Hudson, WI and I am trying to be a home inspector. I can’t succeed so I have lowered my lower than low prices to $125 for upto 2,000 sq. ft.

Services provided in East MN and West WIInspectraPro

I can’t make it in ASHI so I joined NACHI because it was so easy!