Does Mark Anderson talk homeowners into interior basement systems?

… and LIE to them about their actual problems? Nope.
I could, to many homeowners, and very easily… just like inside system companies do ALL the time!!! It’s a scam people, yes it is.
Block basement wall, homeowner ONLY leaks, get water in, at-near the back corner… could easily LIE TO many homeowners and tell them all kinds of crap such as, ‘Oh Mr and Mrs Obama, you have a hydrsostatic pressure problem under your floor and only our interior system and 45 sump pumps will solve your problem’…or, "Oh Mr and Mrs Bush, your exterior drain tiles are likely clogged and exterior waterproofing is very costly and we can do the same thing for you INSIDE the basement for a lot less’…all BS.

You will pay MORE for an interior system versus what was needed here, and with most other basement problems, leaks, dang skippy baby!

Say again, i could easily run the same crap, lies, on homeowners and would make more money bs’ing them into interior basement systems.

Photos, see exterior gaps/openings? That is WHY the basement leaked. That is WHERE water first entered into the hollow blocks and THEN that water dropped through the lower hollow blocks where it then came out onto the basement floor, at bottom of basement wall/floor… got that?

Homeowner wanted to save money so one way to do that is not have the clay picked up and hauled away… so this job cost $825 versus how much for an interior system? Even if he had payed to have clay hauled away, would have then cost $1,100 versus how much for an inside system… HUH???

And, loooooooooooooooool, an interior system and sump pump would NOT have stopped the water from entering those exterior openings, would not have stopped-prevented mold efflorescence on blocks inside!!!

Here, homeowners were LIED TO, talked into interior basement systems!

Tell me they were not lied to, bs’d!!!

How much MONEY did the interior system company charge them… HUH???

azz ho’s, period and ANYONEwho supports, promotes these companies is alos an az ho!!!

Same here, homeowner LIED TO< ripped off…

How much MONEY did the interior system company charge them? HUH???
LESS costly my az!!!
i could have easily have done the same total dogshttt as these CRIMINALS for the last 3+ decades.

Haege and Sullivan say what? That THESE types are best huh?
Most trusted huh?

THEY are completely full O’ shtttttttt on this subject.

Tommy Boy, ‘Do you know where the weight room is?’