B Dry system was previously installed (that supposed LIFETIME guarantee right)

and so now we have ANOTHER interior system bubblehead doing the video who is going to install… ANOTHER INT system and sump lol, he says he will cover aka HIDE the walls higher-UP.

Well duh, the actual problems ALL ALONG, before B Dry and right now are… exterior cracks, cracked parging n other direct exterior openings into the house that allow water in soooo, installing ANY interior basement system will not stop further water from entering

So add up the COST $$$$ now, B Dry got their $8,000 – 10,000 years ago, and now this scamming moron will charge MORE, that’s right more so total cost will be at least $20,000, probably closer to $25,000 and yet the problems will still not have been repaired/waterproofed on the outside = SCAM as i know without a shred of doubt!

Here’s where/why most homeowners get water in basements (other than possible blockage in lateral line, need plumber, etc)

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Too bad to spend money on systems that don’t work Mark. Very costly.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and family and hope you take it easy today.
I give you permission to take the day off. LOL


Keep up the good work that you do for clients, Mark. Maybe some will see these links more and more and be enlightened about what is really going on with the water.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my friend. :smile:


thanks guys, Happy Thanksgiving!!

bunch of turkeys…

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Happy Turkey Day! Keep on kicking @$$! When are you going to post a video with high water table :slight_smile:

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Great videos as always Mark, Happy Thanksgiving!!

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When are you going to post a video with high water table

Yes, the video showing Mark shoulder deep in ground water in the excavation because of the proverbial clay bowl effect :slight_smile:

Mark can’t post a video with high water table cause the water is all in the basement in the foundations he is working on. LOL