Does R Young understand what happened here? lol Homeowners ripped off by INT basement system company, sued 'em n won

that’s right, they sued the piece of crap lying company and won $50,000 judgement, folks you don’t need to sit back and take the pounding and loss $$ , sue these criminals!!!

“The form used was misleading”

‘Every week the salepeople go out and LIE to homeowners’, do you understand man?

‘Aquaguards free inspection was really measnt to scare us, their come on sales pitch was slickly delivered, false promises, high pressure tactics’

“They TOTALLY missed identifying the REAL cause of the seepage”, and so on.
These are the HOMEOWNERS words, they went to court and won, this is what many others should do imo.

Notice, there are a few HI’s here who do NOT utter a word against these INT system scammers, think about it.

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Robert Young, WHATCHA say… “Every week they (salespeople) go out and LIE”

Robert, lolol, “They totally missed identifying the real cause of the seepage”

Way to get the correct word out, Mark! :smile:

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Robert, where art thou?

Robert, “Every week they (salespeople) go out and lie”

Robert lol, “They totally missed identifying the real cause of the seepage”