Does the Wood destroying insects course on here satisfy Ohio license?

Does the Wood destroying insects course on here satisfy Ohio license requirement? I only want to do inspections, not use pesticide or anything.

Click on the wood destroying inspection tab


But don’t take my word for it.

which license are You speaking of ?

Ohio doesn’t license WDO inspectors. They only license WDO treatment companies.

That’s wrong Nick.

To inspect and report on the presence or absence of WDI/WDO in Ohio one is required to be licensed through the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Address: 325 BRIDLE PASS WAY
MONROE, OH 45050
County: BUTLER
License Type: COMMERCIAL
License Expiration Date: 9/30/2016

Kevin isn’t it a pesticide applicators license that is required ?

Yes, it falls under an applicators license but with fewer required “categories” than one who actually applies chemicals.

See required categories in my post above to be licensed as an “inspector”.

Thanks for correcting me Kevin.

Your welcome Nick, glad I could help.

Kevin is correct. It’s a one day course with a test at the end, cost is pretty minimal. Definitely worth doing, in my opinion.

Very helpful post.

The Ohio license is Wdi. The training is only available through the department of agriculture. You have to put your name on a list. When they have enough people to fill a class, they schedule it.

For anyone still curious about WDO in Ohio The class is 2x’s a year. Next one is in September. I wasn’t unaware of the requirements as I was taking the training on NACHI, and when I was ending the training it states, confirm with your state the licensing requirments
(probably should be earlier in the training), I missed the Spring class by a week…I was told that the new form will be posted in August to sign up (since their fiscal year ends August/September. So, wait for the new one before paying the application fee.

Tony Diller

Dwell Inspection Services

It’s pretty much just a money grab for the state, fortunately it is only $95.

I wouldn’t mind it so much if we could just send in the yearly fee but every three years you have to get re-certified by sitting in class all day “learning” how to properly fill out the NPMA-33 report.:roll:

It is a money grab for the state. I gave up my license a few years ago. The whole program is seriously flawed. It clearly favors pest control companies.

I had many discussions with Bill Pound about the problems with the program. In the end, I figured he is either incompetent or taking bribes from the insurance companies and pest control companies. Either way, I no longer wanted to have any part of it.

No. Also, you have to get the applicator license before you can get the inspection endorsement on the license. It is a racket. The head guy as much as told me ten years or so ago that they don’t like home inspectors and they have tried to structure the program to discourage home inspectors from getting involved.

I’ve heard stories of home inspectors being harassed by the department with unreasonable repeated audits.

Ohio doesn’t have a WDO license. The license is for WDI only and is an endorsement on the pesticide applicator license.

Do you think its frowned upon if I include a wdo inspection in my report (passed the WDO course on NACHI), and letting my client know that they may have to pay the $60 for the termite inspector report (NPMA-33) before it gets treated if found? Basically saving them the money if they don’t have damage.

For buyers with FHA loans this NPMA-33 form is required as well correct?

Hi Tony,

No, Not okay.

In Ohio one must be licensed to report on the presence or absence of Wood Destroying Insects.

See page 5 -