Wood-destroying-insect License - TX

Hello members,
I am a Licensed Home Inspector in TX, and currently looking to get my license for wood-destroying-insect inspection. I completed InterNACHI’s online course named ‘Texas TREC Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection, Treatment & Reporting Course’. Can someone please confirm if this course meets education requirements by Texas Dept of Agriculture in order to obtain ‘Certified Applicator License’? Or please advise to the contrary. Thank you

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NO! The education and license requirements are clearly listed in the applicators rules/laws.

Echoing Manny’s response. No. You have to meet the standards set out by the State of Texas (department of Agriculture if I recall correctly). I understand that many inspectors in Texas do WDO inspections under the license of fully-licensed exterminators. I have considered doing this, but for now have decided not to for the following reasons:

-It would either add time to the inspection, making it difficult to do two inspections in one day, or rob from the time I would otherwise spend doing a thorough inspection of the property.
-It would increase my liability, and quite likely my insurance costs, to a measure that I do not feel would be offset by the small amount of income or extra inspections I would win by offering that service
-I believe that my clients are better served by hiring a specialist whose sole area of training and concern is that of identifying and combating the various WDO’s that are out there.