Wood destroying insects in Ohio

I am in Ohio and was wondering id it is worth getting licensed in WDI, and if it is what is the best way to get that license Thank you in advance.

Some loans (HUD/FHA and such) require a WDI inspection with NPMA-33 filled out. In your state, you need a license (separate from HI) to fill out this form. So you have two options: either get licensed and perform the inspection/fill out this form yourself or outsource the inspection to a third party/pest control company. If most of your competition inspects themselves then you need to, as well, in order to compete on the same level. Is it worth it? it depends on you… if you do both, at the same time, you make more $$$ If you do WDI yourself, make sure to let your E&O insurance know so you’re covered. They don’t all cover it automatically.

For me and my business, I consider it a must have, as many of my local competitors are licensed and offer the WDI inspection along with the home inspection. Also to report on the presence or absence of Wood Destroying Insects in Ohio, one must be licensed (WDI License) to do so.

The best way to get the license is to start with the Ohio Dept of Agriculture.
Pesticide Business (ohio.gov)

Here’s another helpful link for you as well.
Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection | Pesticide Safety Education Program (osu.edu)

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