Is this OK?

I’ll leave the underside picture out, it’s been a long day, it put a tear in my eye…:smiley:

No it is not ok, can’t you see that the undersized lightning rod is laying on the patio cover.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just a little better than this bucco:p Why are the stop signs under the stucco uncle Dale?

I caught my throat on these bastards just before the sun went down…:twisted:

Charlie’s on the wire. What no punji sticks?

What the hell is that!..:stuck_out_tongue:

Slab on grade shack…:smiley:

Extra shower drain line…:twisted:

This has to be alright…ain’t it?..:smiley:

He asked me what he should do with this portion of the dwelling?

I told him to smash it into little pieces the city will pick-up next to the road…:smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: Wow Dale, I told them the use of Saguarro ribs for a patio cover is fine, just add more, why are such a hard ssa?:frowning:

Yep…just as I suspected…flower children…:smiley:

Peace, Love, and Hippie Beads.

Did I thank you properly yet?:twisted:

Put the rain cap here.

But my roof is better than yours…:twisted: …I have more!

What is that for the wood stove?

Maybe, maybe not.

Yep.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I really can’t imagine people paying you guys to find out what is wrong and what condition the house is in??
They have to be idiots.
Some of these pics a tear downs for God sake.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is that aluminum foil flashing?

No Nick, reflective roof paint/coating.:slight_smile:

Vegas is calling you!..:smiley:

Those pics all from the same property? Good Lord!:shock:
That one’s a keeper!