Dog bite

It finally happened. After 5 years inspecting - I finally got bit by a dog. Was just finishing and talking to my clients when the home owner came home. I had by back to him and his dog just ran up and bit me.
And the little cuss was a 6 lb chichi that had to jump high to get me just above the knee on the back of my thigh.
It ain’t the big dogs I worry about, it is those little ankle biters that are meanest. And I love dogs.

that stings im sure. Little dogs do bite way more than big ones, you just hear about big ones because they do more damage. Not too often a 6 lb’er sends someone in to the ER. Poor big dogs get a bad rep…

So, did you score a field goal:D

You need a tetnus shot. If the dog doesn’t have a current rabies vaccination, he should be quarantined. Report it to the authorities if there is no documentation on vaccination.

Good info please follow up now!!!

Negligent dog owners are a pet-peeve (no pun intended) of mine. That home owner would be paying the price if I was the inspector.

Did you bite him back?

I would certainly make sure the muts rabies shots were current and get a tetanus booster if it has been more than 5 years.

After you take care of potential medical issues have your insurance company take it up with the homeowners company. He has ad duty to keep his animals, regardless of breed, under control.

Update - I checked with my Dr. and I had a tetnus booster 3 yrs ago when I shot myself with a nail gun (another story) and the owner produced the Rabies cert from the vet. All is good. But will be more careful in the future.

Hopefully it wasn’t just above the knee on the back of your thigh. ;-):mrgreen::twisted:

In a lot of jurisdictions it is mandatory for you and/ or your physician to report all dog bites to the police.

I didn’t read anything careless in what you did, that owner didn’t control his mutt. Sounds like only your nail gun technique is questionable. :wink:

I don’t go into a home unless dogs are contained/restrained, no matter what their size. On the outside it can look like you are being a “pansy” but what a headache it is to have to follow up on something like this. That’s time lost.