Doggone snow

We got our first snowfall.:roll:

PC010003 (Small).JPG

PC010002 (Small).JPG

Welcome to my world.:roll:

Y’all can have that stuff. I’m heading over to the beach for awhile. It’s 85 degrees and mostly sunny! :cool:

Had our first snow a month ago, since then nothing but rain. It was freezing rain this am, raining now, supposed to snow tonite. Havent got much done in November, December isn’t looking promising either.

That looks like “Dog Come” snow !! :slight_smile:


That will just make all those Christmas lights you worked so hard to put up look better. :wink:

I’m not even going to ask…:shock:

The dog is “coming” not “gone”.

…(phew) Thanks.

Did you gat any of that “doggone” stuff last night?

Passed us by. Got (came) close though! :-0

About an inch of ice and lots of sleet with a nice layer of snow…just to make it look nice.

I’m heading to Lakeland FL. the week before Xmas for a little warmth.:cool:

That’s it. It only LOOKS nice.

Do you think you guys and girls could hold that snow down your way for a little bit longer? I am trying to backfill a foundation and steel have to erect the steel and I hate Winter.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yep, just got our first 12" here in Kansas!!!

Picture 012.jpg

Good place for it Ernie. ha. ha.
I know Mother Nature will pay me back for this comment. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You better finish your project cuz we’re sending it up to you.

Thanks alot Linas/ ha ha .
Actually there is no snow in the forecast for the next 15 days according to Accu-weather forcast. Not going to complain about that.

Marcel :slight_smile:

About every ten years, whether we need it or not, we get a major snow. Got 18 inches last Sunday at my house. Since we so seldom get snow, our city and county do not own snow removal equipment. It’s pretty neat to have the whole town shut down for a few days. Gave me a chance to get my computer worked on (new hard drive). Wow, it’s better than new!

You guys got hit really hard with bad weather up there last week. I took one of my sons up to the Seahawk-Packer Monday Night Football game. During the game it was snowing like crazy but it wasn’t sticking, so I thought getting home wouldn’t be a problem. We didn’t get back to Portland until 5:30 the next morning. 7 lanes of traffic merging into 2 trying to weave around stalled semi-trucks on I-5, it was a parking lot, took over 3 hours just to go about 4 miles. Great game though, we had a good time, it was worth it.