Don't lean on that tub spigot.


College pictures Nick?:roll:

Looks like a case of Spontaneous Spout Combustion. :wink: Bad pun…

Many years ago I was inspecting a newly renovated house. I was in the bathroom and put my right hand on the tiled wall to brace my self as I bent over to rap the other areas of the tiles. My hand went clean through the wall. Turns out the shower stall was not properly built nor water proof the drywall was saturated. The vendor didn’t have much to say, and was more or less pleased I had found this considering she just paid a contractor two weeks earlier. The agent was peeved at me for wrecking the home, and her loss of a sale. Oh well you can’t win them all.

You broke it, you bought it.

Some one else messed up, but the lowly HI has to pay for it.

Go Figure. :shock:

The vendor didn’t ask, nor did she seem to expect me to pay for something that no one knew about. Nor did I offer to pay. As to the realtor her and I finally had it out after she used me 4 more times and her comment was, “you are blowing to many deals!” To which I replied that I no longer wanted her business, and not to call me again. Of course the realtor was not liked by her realestate colleagues either. She was a fruitcake and as far as I was concerned she should not of been selling realestate. There is nothing worse than a pushy realestate agent.

looks like i inspected the brothers house.
This was “just a small hot water leak”…for about 6 months.

21o#22 spout rotted (Small).JPG

21o#22 h water leak (Small).JPG

21o#22 leno and bolt rot (Small).JPG

21o#22 leno rot hot leak (Small).JPG